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7 Ways to Wear Yeezy Tennis Shoes

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If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a new pair of Yeezys, you want to make sure you’re wearing them the right way. Fortunately, when it comes to these sneakers, individual expression isn’t just encouraged — it’s expected.

Still, it can be challenging to know if your preferred method of wear is on-trend or not. Today, we’re here to help.

In this guide, you’ll find seven unique ways to wear your Yeezy tennis shoes. We’d venture to guess that each look would even earn Kanye’s stamp of approval!

1. With Black Socks and Rolled-Up Pants

Height is a personal preference, but if you’re looking in your sock drawer for something to wear with your Yeezy footwear, we suggest grabbing a black pair. No matter the specific colorway you’re sporting, black socks and Yeezys just go together.

The look is sporty and casual, but still cool. You’ll get bonus points if your Yeezy style is low-profile enough to reveal even the hint of an ankle sock. The Yeezy 350s are a great example, and a smart place to start.

Once your socks are in place, it’s time to think about pants. Why would you want to hide your fantastic Yeezys under long jeans or khakis? Instead of shrouding your name brand shoes, showcase them for the world to see!

If you’re donning yours with pants, go ahead and choose a skinny or slim-cut design. Then, roll or cuff the bottom hem just enough to reveal the full extent of your sneakers. If you want to expose a little more of your socks or ankles, you can go a little higher.

It’s especially important to choose slimmer pants when you’re wearing a pair like the Yeezy 350s. Although it has a wide footprint, this shoe tends to look narrower and sleeker, mostly due to elastic construction and knit material.

2. With Athleisurewear

There’s no way around it. Athleisurewear is having a major moment.

Ten years ago, the idea of wearing a full-body sweatsuit might have raised your eyebrows. Now, it’s totally trendy and acceptable. The same goes for yoga pants, hoodies, and virtually every other kind of soft, stretchy ensembles that you see everywhere you go.

Thankfully, Yeezys fit right in with this look. To amplify your sporty attire, opt for a pair that looks rugged and robust, like the Yeezy 500s.

With features like a rubber wrap around the midsole and adiPRENE+ cushioning, these kicks are as comfortable as they are eye-catching. Whether you’re rocking yours with a pair of basketball pants or your favorite pair of joggers, you’re sure to stand out in the best way.

3. With Business Casual

If your office will allow tennis shoes, then you might wonder how you can incorporate your Yeezys into your workplace attire. The key here is to go subtle.

While there’s definitely a time and a place for bold, expressive colorways, you can look more polished by opting for a single-color or a muted dual-color design. While an all-black or all-white pair is always classic, you can also get by with a neutral tone, like the Onyx Non-Reflective colorway on the Yeezy Boost 380s.

Pair your shoes with a pair of trousers or dark denim, along with a few layered pieces on top. In colder seasons, a plaid or button-down shirt under a solid-colored sweater is a go-to office look. When it’s warmer, trade the layers for a lighter-weight, form-fitting tee or button-down.

4. With a Dress or Skirt

Yeezys are for everyone, and they look just as good with a skirt or dress as they do with a pair of men’s jeans. If you’re going to rock this look, then make sure your kicks can take center stage.

Opt for a skirt that hits no lower than your shins, so you can give your Yeezys plenty of room to shine. Then, coordinate your colorway with the rest of your outfit! The unisex Yeezy Desert Rat 500 comes in a great Super Moon Yellow colorway that’s light enough to work with any color.

5. With Distressed Denim

While slim-fitting, dark denim looks instantly slick, you can also feel confident wearing your Yeezys with lighter-colored distressed jeans. Distressed denim is remarkably fashionable, and easy to source from a variety of retailers.

The trick to pulling this look off is to remember what’s on your feet. If your pants are too long, they’ll fall awkwardly over your sneakers and throw the whole look off-balance. Instead, shop for tapered or cropped denim that gives your footwear the attention it deserves.

6. With a Coordinating Shirt or Sweater

When you think about styling your Yeezys, you likely give most thought to your pants and socks. However, one recent trend is to coordinate your shirt or sweater with the colorway of your shoes.

While the two pieces don’t have to match precisely, a general complement is ideal. Of course, this is easiest to achieve with a simple style, like the Yeezy 500 Utility Black colorway. Throw on these, along with a great-fitting all-black turtleneck or sweater, and you can achieve instant cool.

7. With Other Pieces From the Yeezy Collection

As you might expect, separates from Kanye’s Yeezy Collection look fantastic when paired with any of the sneakers. Most of these items are inspired by the same color palette you’ll find in many of the Yeezy colorways, including neutral earth tones.

Plus, the Yeezy Collection is filled with laidback streetwear pieces that give off plenty of athletic swagger. Think oversized jackets, relaxed denim, and form-fitting, workout-ready ensembles.

How Will You Style Your Yeezy Tennis Shoes?

When you invest in a pair of Yeezy tennis shoes, you’re taking a major step forward in your fashion game. These kicks can elevate even the most laidback look, and are excellent conversation-starters.

No matter how you decide to style your sneakers, make sure your unique personality shines through in everything you wear. When you stick too closely to a trend, it shows, so feel free to explore the looks that make you feel the most confident.

In the meantime, we’ve got plenty of Yeezy styles for you to shop. Check out our full collection online and get started!

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