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The Adams Morgan Guide: Raising the Bar in Washington D.C.

The most inspiring thing about Adams Morgan is the story of its birth. In 1954 the Supreme court called for the desegregation of all public schools across the nation with Brown vs. Board of education.

There were two schools in the area that is now Adams Morgan, John-Quincy Adams School was all-white, and Thomas P. Morgan School was all black. The principles at both schools quickly called all people together and formed the Adams-Morgan Neighborhood Conference.

Thus, Adams Morgan was born from the depths of equality giving way to a vibrant neighborhood you have got to explore.


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

Last year the owner of Idle Time Books sold her late husband’s “heart of the neighborhood” to the new owner under the strict conditions that it would keep beating with books.

This little corner is where bookworms wonder through the footsteps and fantasies of old pages, and new ideas.

There you will find a collection of 40,000 books at your fingertips, so go read and open up your mind in this little edge of a million words.


The rebels and romantics of Washington D.C. hit the streets of Adams Morgan with an unusual plea.

In 2011 Katerina Herodotou and Cathy Chung had a vision, and they decided to make it come to life through the fashion statement that is Meeps.

Meeps, their vintage clothing store, stands out with unusual costumes, vintage threads, and tarot card readings to inspire your head.

This place dresses the artists and musicians who play at night across the city. Their clothing encourages people to be bold, be out there, and be YOU.

The women entrepreneurs that built this emporium of 60’s bell bottoms, sequin shoulder pads, 70’s booty shorts, and plentiful jumpsuits hit the streets of Adams Morgan in style.

So head to Meeps for all the ribbons of vintage, rebels tarot card readers, and romantic treats.


Songbyrd Music House was just featured on the Youtube channel 202Creates which is sponsored by Washington D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser.

This music house and record cafe promotes D.C. Creatives through the feel and rhythm of diverse music from around the city.

Alisha Edmonson and Joe Lapan have a deeply resonating passion for tempo and beats. So much so that they have created an exhilarating stage for music lovers of all ages to light up the night across Adams Morgan.

They have set the stage for the vibrancy, growth, history, and diversity of music and art across the city and encapsulated it in a music house and record cafe.

Head there to experience the heart and song of Washington D.C. creatives.


Artists tell stories, gather emotion and enlighten the soul.

Not only is Adams Morgan booming with music, but it is bursting with innovative creative energy. And The District of Columbia Arts Center is a non- profit organization in Adams morgan that is making it happen.

Their goal is to create opportunities for emerging artists all around the city through visual art, spoken poetry, and theatrical performances.

You can head there for all the hoopla, grab some delicious bites from the cuisine des artistes during an auction event, watch a theatrical production and get involved.

If there are any aspiring artist searching to get involved, the District of Columbia Arts Center offers volunteer opportunities along with internships so that you can become more integrated into the art scene of Washington D.C.


The great Thomas Merton reminds us all that “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

We encourage you to find Adams Morgan and lose yourself among the mountains of courage that it has taken for  Washington D.C. artist to birth their ideas and bring them to life.

Fall into a novel, test the concept of dress, be unique, listen to the rhythms and beats, and get involved in something good.

Give me something good, go to Adams Morgan. While you’re there, don’t forget to remind your friends and neighbors about the history behind this part of the city. The cornerstone of equality gave way to the creativity that paints its sidewalks. Experts predict Washington DC’s population will increase by roughly 47% between now and 2045, so get ahead of the game and visit Adams Morgan “before it was cool”.

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