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How Much Does a Newborn Photo Session Cost?

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Having a child is an ambition that most Americans strive for. Although it comes with its share of difficulties, becoming a parent is a unique experience that provides joy and fulfillment you can’t find anywhere else.

Many parents organize a newborn photo session to help commemorate the birth of their child, but not everybody knows how much a newborn photo session should cost.

Let’s explore everything that you need to know about the factors that influence the price of a newborn photo session.

Photo Editing a newborn photo session

If you would like to have your photos edited by a professional after the photography session has concluded, you’ll need to pay extra for it in most cases. There’s also a significant difference between heavy editing and retouching when it comes to price.

To elaborate, it will cost far less to have the photographer soften your baby’s skin as opposed to changing the entire background.

But, there are some photographers who charge a flat rate for photo editing regardless of how much work it requires. If you choose to pay for photo editing, it’s essential to view examples of past work.

Whether the photographer does it themselves or outsources this obligation to somebody else, you don’t want to pay extra for poor quality edits.


The location in which your photographer works heavily influences the amount that you pay for the session. In general, photographers who work in larger cities will tend to charge more for their services.

This isn’t the only role that location plays, however. The total number of locations that your photoshoot will include can have a drastic impact on the overall cost.

For example, some photographers offer price points that included three locations within a 25-mile radius. Other photographers may be less flexible but charge more money for the session. You can also expect your photographer to charge you more for locations that are far away or difficult to navigate to.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you extensively browse available photographers in your area so that you can find the one who best fits your needs. Otherwise, you could find yourself significantly overpaying for subpar results.

Sitting Fee

Many people aren’t familiar with this term, but it’s an important factor to be aware of in the pricing of your newborn photos.

In general, a sitting fee is an amount that a photographer charges for setting up the photo session. Since it costs them time to get their equipment ready, stage the set, etc., photographers prefer to be compensated with a base amount.

So, you might find that a photographer’s rates include a sitting fee of $75 in addition to the cost of the photoshoot itself. If you don’t see a sitting fee listed within the cost breakdown, it’s important to ask your prospective photographer if they integrate it into the session price.

If not, you could end up paying more than you expected on top of the base price for the photographs.

The Total Number of Photos

Taking more photos directly equates to a higher cost in most cases. To help their customers accommodate this, photographers often offer different packages when it comes to the number of photos included in a particular session.

For instance, a mid-tier newborn photography package might include 10 photos for $300. But, a top-tier package might include 20 photos for $500, allowing you to secure a better deal.

The size of the photos will also affect the price, with larger photos being more expensive.

In most cases, it’s up to the customer to get their own photographs printed. But, some professionals are able to offer this service in addition to their photography. Since you will be paying to have your photos printed anyway, it’s often worth considering having a photographer do it for an additional cost.

Session Pricing

Session pricing is commonly seen with newer photographers who do not have a large number of price points. In this case, they charge a flat fee for a single photography session that includes a certain number of images, locations, etc.

So, an example could be a $100 photo session that includes five photographs at a single location. This type of newborn photography is ideal for parents who would like to keep things simple or those who don’t have a particularly high budget.

To help you get the most value for your purchase, be sure to inquire exactly what a session includes and then determine whether or not the price is worth it.

Their Level of Skill

It’s worth noting that a photographer with over a decade of experience in the industry is going to charge more than someone who started their own photography business six months ago.

This is directly due to the fact that experienced photographers are more efficient at setting up and using their equipment, taking photos, etc. This is a crucial factor to keep in mind, as amateur photographers don’t always have the knowledge to find the appropriate lighting or shoot from the correct angles.

This isn’t to say, though, that amateur photographers can’t provide high-quality service. Regardless, you can use the photographer’s portfolio to help you make your final decision.

So, How Much Should a Newborn Photo Session Cost?

A simple newborn photo session that is conducted by your average photographer will typically cost between $400 and $800. On the other hand, you can expect to pay over $1000 when working with a photographer who has decades of experience.

The same can be said about photo sessions that include a large number of photos, edits, or multiple locations. From here, you’ll be able to ensure that you find a photographer who can satisfy all of your needs at a reasonable price.

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