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How a Wheelchair Power Drive Add-On Can Improve Your Life

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There are so many people in a wheelchair who inspire us to make the most out of difficult circumstances. As technology continues to advance, the opportunities to build inspiring stories of our own are advancing as well.. Today, for example, you can purchase a wheelchair power drive add-on to make life with a manual wheelchair much more freeing. In this article, we explore three major ways that a wheelchair power add-on can greatly improve your quality of life.

How a Wheelchair Power Add-On Can Upgrade Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair tends to be lightweight, easily handled while driving or in transport, and affordable – especially when compared to power wheelchairs, which are usually much heavier and much harder to maneuver, while being several times more expensive. For these reasons, most would prefer to stay in a manual wheelchair for as long as possible, but power wheelchairs become necessary for people with declining arm or upper body strength.

A wheelchair power drive accessory like the Companion will grant you the best of both worlds. You get to keep your manual wheelchair while taking along this lightweight and easy to carry device so that you can improve your mobility, stay clean, and avoid injuries.

Improving Your Mobility

Despite needing a wheelchair , we all want the freedom to go where we want, when we want and try to stick to our regular routines. This is especially hard for those who suffer from spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, or other conditions that make it difficult, or next to impossible to manually maneuver their wheelchair.

This can, in essence, limit their mobility and prevent them from going out for extended periods such as visiting a park, going out with family or friends, or even stopping by the supermarket. By using a wheelchair power drive device, these people can now travel long distances with ease, and at a faster pace. The need for 10-point turns just to exit an elevator, going to the bathroom, or maneuvering in tight places is also eliminated. After all, most places that are wheelchair accessible tend to be built with little space to maneuver in.

Staying Clean And Protected From Environmental Hazards

Manual wheelchairs require you to use your hands directly on the wheels. This usually makes it necessary to wear and maintain special gloves, or else leaves you with dirty, wet or cold hands throughout the day. Sanitizing and disinfecting your hands every step of the way can be a nuisance, especially if you prefer to wait until your hands dry before you can move again. A wheelchair power assist tool will limit the need for your hands to come in contact with your wheelchair’s dirty wheels.

Another perk is that you can protect yourself from the by-product of various weather conditions such as avoiding handling muddy wheels on rainy days, ice-cold wheels during the winter or snowy months, and extremely hot wheels during the summer months, especially on surfaces like asphalt.

Avoiding Injuries

Unfortunately, injuries are commonplace when using manual wheelchairs. Stubbing your thumbs, burning/blistering your palms and fingers, hitting your elbows, and even breaking your nails happen far too often when maneuvering your wheels. A wheelchair power drive add-on like the Companion can help to eliminate these injuries by keeping your hands away from the areas and motions that cause them, while still substantially improving your mobility. .


It is highly recommended to get a wheelchair power drive tool like the Companion as soon as possible. It will allow you to:

  • Convert your manual chair into a hybrid power chair for a fraction of the cost
  • Improve your mobility so you can move around longer and with better care
  • Keep your hands clean and protected from mud, snow, and heat
  • Avoid common injuries such as bumping into walls, stubbing fingers, breaking nails, and injuring your elbows.

Get Your Wheelchair Power Drive Tool Today

Ready to get your own wheelchair power add-on tool? As we mentioned above the Companion is an excellent choice if you are ready to transform your manual chair and improve your quality of life. It travels up to 25 km, is super lightweight, and is easy to set up and take around with you.

Follow the link to learn more about the Companion wheelchair power drive and order yours today.

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