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5 Benefits of Using a Document Notary at a Shipping Store

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When you think of notarization, what comes to mind? You’re right if your first thought is that it’s an old-fashioned process with little relevance in today’s digital world.

Notarization is an ancient practice that many feel has no place in modern business. Or one might be led to believe by current expert opinions and the almost complete absence of any literature directly addressing the topic of notarization.

But is it really that irrelevant? Well, the answer is ‘no.’

Document notary remains an excellent practice for documenting important information. It adds trust and authenticity to a document or agreement beyond what digital signatures provide.

So, where’s the best place to get documents notarized? Shipping stores have become an increasingly popular place to get documents notarized. Keep reading to see the 5 main benefits of using a document notary at a shipping store.

Benefit #1: Creates a Chain of Custody

A chain of custody is the set of circumstances that lead to the creation, transfer, and preservation of a document. A notarized document’s chain of custody will be much more detailed, elaborate, and reliable than an ordinary document.

The notary will record who brought the document to them, when received, who was present when signed, and where it was sent. This creates a sequential record of an item’s journey from beginning to end.

Although there are times when a notarized chain of custody is overkill, it’s a great way to document the authenticity and journey of a document.

For example, if you’re creating a will and want to ensure it’s appropriately transported to your chosen executor. The notary’s chain of custody will document the item’s journey by recording the name and address of everyone involved in transporting the document. If you ever have to go to court and prove the will exists and was properly signed, the notary’s record will help you establish this.

It’s a much more reliable way to verify the exact journey of a document than just saying, “my colleague picked it up and mailed it.” And using a shipping store as your notary store allows you to conveniently get a document notarized and get it shipped, if necessary, within the same location.

Benefit #2: Assists in Proving the Timing of Events

A notarized document may also include a statement of the notarial act, which is a statement confirming the time of the notary’s signature. This proves the timing of specific events.

For example, if you’re creating a will and want to ensure the witnessing of the document by two people who aren’t named, that’s a way to ensure the will isn’t forged.

But what if you want to prove your witnesses detailed in the will were present when they signed? If you involved a notary public in witnessing that signing, it would also include their stamp with the exact time and date signed.

This proves that the signing took place at the time you said it did. There’s no more straightforward way to verify the timing of the signing than having the notary’s stamp as proof.

Benefit #3: Supports Claims Based on Signed Statements

If you’re getting divorced and your spouse claims that you own assets that you don’t, you’ll want to document the denial of those claims. A notarized statement that they were never in your possession can be used as evidence to support your case.

The notary’s stamp and statement of the notary’s identity can prove that the statement was made at the time and date it was signed. It’s an easy way to establish the authenticity of the document and the statements made therein.

If a statement isn’t signed, it’s not as reliable for proving spousal claims. That’s because it’s not as easy to prove when and where it was made. It may even be called into question as to whether or not it was made under duress.

Benefit #4: Helps Ensure the Accuracy of Documents

We’ve already discussed how notarized documents prove the accuracy of signatures. But they can also confirm the accuracy of facts in records.

For example, if you’re creating trust and want to be clear on the amount of money put into it, you can have the trust document state the amount and have the notary public witness the signing of that document. That notary stamp can then prove whether or not the amount is correct.

This is important when the trust document helps determine a person’s eligibility for government benefits. For example, suppose you’re creating a trust for a disabled person applying for Social Security benefits. In that case, the amount in the trust document must be accurate for the person to be eligible.

If it isn’t, they won’t receive any help. Having the notary stamp proves the accuracy of the trust document’s amount and ensures no problems with it.

Benefit #5: Ensures Documents Are Authentic When Produced in Court

We know that notarized documents can prove authenticity and the timing of events. But what if you need to prove that a specific document is authentic?

That’s where an affidavit comes in. An affidavit is a document that not only confirms the facts of a document but also swears that the facts are true and correct.

A notary can not only witness the signing of an affidavit but also confirm that it is the same document signed in front of them. This can be done by marking their stamp, initials, and the date on the paper.

This then becomes the original document and can be used in court. The court can confirm that the notary’s stamp, initials, and date were on it when it was first signed.

Do You Need a Document Notary?

document notary can easily protect yourself from potential fraud or prevent someone from impersonating you. So, getting a document notary service done at a shipping store will keep everyone in check and ensure that no one can use your signature without permission.

The shipping store is your best option for a notary service. Contact us today for notary services or if you need shipping or printing services.

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