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Home Gyms Continue to Thrive Post-Lockdown

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Naheed Ali, MD, PhD

When stringent lockdowns were implemented, people weren’t permitted to go anywhere except for doing essential tasks. These mainly entailed buying food and medicine. Going to the gym was pretty much out of the question. Even with lockdowns lifted, heading to the gym was still a no-go because of COVID restrictions and social distancing.

So then, what did we do? We started exercising at home, purchased gym equipment, or subscribed to online gym classes. Those who couldn’t buy their equipment in stores ordered it online. Post-lockdown, only a few reverted to their respective gyms. Home gyms thrive, and for a good reason. There was a feeling of hopelessness about not being allowed to go to the gym. Gym patrons didn’t want to feel cooped up again.

Lockdown and Exercise

During the lockdown, people who love exercising socially and making their way to the gym routinely had it the hardest. Apart from being unable to meet their weekly gym goals, they paid their gym fees for something they couldn’t use for months. Gym-goers opted to cancel their overhanging subscriptions and hurl money toward home workout equipment instead. This was the dawn of home gyms flourishing in countless homes amidst the closing stages of the pandemic.

Gyms at Home

People saw that their freedom to exercise and head to the gym could be corked at any given moment. The home gym industry has started to see its potential. Corporations, behemoth and minuscule alike, adjusted their home gym equipment prices so more customers could bring out the checkbook, all while amassing hefty profits. Items have become relatively cheaper, with netizens seeking to nab equipment specifically designed for home-based workouts.

Why Pay a Monthly Subscription if You Could Get It Done at Home for Free?

No one can stop you from exercising indoors within the confines of your abode. Owning gym equipment at home purveys notable value. You’ll need to invest initially, but once you’re in flow, it all eventually pays off. You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription and can enjoy exercising privately. We might now be past lockdowns, but commercial gyms are still arguably empty. That’s because people appreciated the prospect of home gyms afforded to them.

Gym fees can seem excessive, especially if you always gravitate towards high-end places. Yes, you might meet new friends and enjoy spending time with current ones, but the cost somehow won’t make it worthwhile. There are other methods to set off on new avenues of socialization, and if getting fit is pivotal, then a home gym is irrefutably for you.

Why are home gyms thriving during COVID and after the planetary lockdown? It’s simple. Saving money was a top priority once the pandemic began. Onsite jobs evaporated while other positions, such as medical copywriting services, grew exponentially. Necessities were barely met. For some, exercising at the gym is imperative but wasn’t allowed during lockdowns.

To eradicate the possibility of not being able to make their way to the local gym, people procured home gym equipment in droves. Now, not only are they fattening their savings accounts by exercising in their garage, but they also happen to flaunt the competitive edge of staying in shape at home.

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