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4 Organization Tips for Kids’ Closets

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We all know just how chaotic our children’s room can be. There are toys everywhere, and there’s always a spill of one thing or another. Even after you’ve tidied up, it never seems to stay neat and orderly for too long. However, with a bit of planning, we make it all the more straightforward to keep it in tip-top condition.

If all the room is neatly organized, it’ll be much more difficult for a child or anyone else to turn the room upside down. While we work hard to keep the room clean, what about the closet? Below, I run through a few organization tips for your child’s closet space.

What Are They Wearing?

Your child will likely have a lot of clothes, shoes, and so on, but when you really think about it, how many of these pieces do they wear on any given week? In all likelihood, there will be a third that’s worn in summer, a third that’s worn in winter, and a third that’s worn in the in between periods. You’ll find it much easier to organize the closet if you’re not trying to cram all their clothes into their closet, but rather just the clothes they’ll realistically wear in the coming months. For the rest, put them in a box and store them away until they’re needed.

Making the Space

Of course, this is all good and well if you already have a fair amount of closet space. But what if you don’t? What if you haven’t upgraded their wardrobe since they were babies, when their clothes were much smaller? Now’s the time to get a little smart, and create more space in the bedroom. One smart action is to convert a bookcase into a closet system. It’s easier than it sounds, yet will give the room some much-needed storage. To make space elsewhere, take a look around the room, and if anything doesn’t need to be there, then get rid of it. It’s always a good idea to have a clear out every now and again.

Smart Organization

There’s a correct way to organize clothes. First and foremost, it should be ordered by category. This has benefits that exceed making it easier to find, say, a t-shirt when it comes to getting dressed. If everyone belongs in its right place, then you and your child will be much more likely to keep things tidy. It’s oddly satisfying to be in a room where everything is sitting exactly where it belongs.

Can They Reach?

Keep in mind that you’ll need to ensure that your child can reach their clothes. It’s all good and well creating a system for the clothes based on what you can reach, but this isn’t your room — it’s theirs. If needed, take a look at adding a little stool so they can reach the top shelves — they’ll be more inclined to put things back if it’s easier for them to do so.

And there we have it. Get organizing now, and you can achieve the unthinkable: a clean and tidy children’s bedroom!

CHIME IN: How do you keep your kiddos’ closets organized? Share in the comments below!

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