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Hiring a Business Speaker for the Finance and Insurance Industry

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Events and experiences, such as client seminars and private client dinners, are some of the most effective ways to prospect for new clients, according to a 2020 survey conducted by Natixis Investments. Insurance and financial firms can benefit from hiring a business speaker for:

  • Client Appreciation and Employee Engagement
  • Association Meetings
  • Annual Conferences
  • Diversity Training
  • Wholesaler Events
  • Sales Meetings

Hiring a memorable keynote speaker, business speaker, or celebrity guest, leaves your clients, and your audience, with lasting memories and a unique experience.

Business Benefits of a Keynote Speaker

How can your Company Benefit from a Keynote Speaker?

Hiring a business speaker or guest speaker for your next client appreciation or employee engagement event can take it up to the next level. These events benefit the most from a guest speaker, someone who will draw a crowd and make the event memorable. For instance, a financial consultant in Philadelphia may feature a former Philadelphia Eagle as their guest speaker or a Canadian Firm might hire an NHL Coach.

Annual conferences are great opportunities to motivate your staff and breathe life into the year. Employees, not only clients, need to be shown appreciation for their work. Inspirational speaker Robert Paylor, a keynote speaker with disabilities, spoke to GBB Wealth with a stunning response.

“Robert’s story defies science. His perseverance and optimism will astound all in the audience. No hurdle will seem too high after listening to Robert!”

Kelly Brothers, Partner, GBB Wealth

Guest speakers bring a spark of optimism to association meetings as well. The choice between a guest and keynote speaker is one of many decisions you have to make before hiring a business speaker.

Ultimately, you may just have to do more research on your audience before making a decision like this.

Finding Finance and Insurance Keynote Speakers

How to Pick the Right Keynote Speaker for the Finance and Insurance Industry

When trying to figure out the right speaker to hire for your event, you really need to make sure you know your audience. We can help you narrow your search.

Consider a guest speaker that aligns with their interests. Will your audience enjoy hearing from a former athlete such as Ron Jaworski? Or maybe they would prefer hearing from Olympian and medalist Margaret Hoelzer.

Both of these speakers can cover similar topics, but their backgrounds are very different. Matching up the right speaker for your crowd will help maximize the potential benefits you will receive from a keynote speaker.

Not only does your audience matter, but so does the industry. Since our focus is in the finance and insurance industry it would be a good idea to hire a speaker with a familiarity in one of these areas.

Choosing a Business Speaker

Which Business Speakers Should You Hire?

If you’re hosting an event within the insurance industry, you might want to consider hiring someone such as Greg Offner. Greg is a multi-talented entertainer, who combines his musical performances with informative workshops to help create high performing leaders.

Before this however, Greg led global sales and marketing efforts for many Fortune 100 organizations. Offner also brokered complicated Risk Management and Insurance programs for large commercial organizations, making him the perfect speaker for this industry.

Conferences or annual association meetings, on the other hand, tend to feature a keynote speaker. Keynote speakers highlight the main message of the conference and are knowledgeable of the pertinent industry.

Business speaker Matt Newman is an experienced speaker and financial services professional. He is an excellent choice for motivating a sales team in the financial industry.

“The incredible story of dealing with the horrific challenges that cancer brings and having the fortitude to stay strong is so moving. All of our employees and participants could not say enough about it. As a wealth management firm, it brings to light the importance in all that we do – the best planning is recognized most when the challenges in life come our way no matter from which direction. This is an important story for everyone out there to hear!”


Marc L. Scudillo, CFP, CPA, MBA, CBEC, AIFA, Managing Director, Eisner Amper

Business Speakers for Strategy and Negotiation

Your Business Speaker Doesn’t Need to Necessarily be in the Finance or Insurance Industry

While of course it may be ideal for your speaker to have a background in finance or insurance, speakers from other areas sometimes have even more valuable advice to give.

For instance, Stuart Diamond is a master of negotiations, having assisted U. S. special operations in negotiations. As a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Wharton professor, and Harvard educated lawyer, Stuart Diamond can give you another perspective of insight.

You can also choose speakers that deliver expert seminars on sales and communications. AK Ikwuakor, a CEO and sales coach for Google is a fantastic pick to motivate any sales force.

You may want a speaker that is skilled at delivering workshops in sales or diversity. In this case, you could hire World Series of Poker Champion Annie Duke or diversity speaker Homa Tavangar.

Hiring a Business Speaker

Secure the Perfect Keynote Speaker

No matter the audience or industry you’re planning for, Mollie Plotkin Group has the perfect keynote speaker for you. Check out our full list of speakers here.

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