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The 5 Most Common Concerns Related to Remote Video Monitoring Services

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Each year, thousands of homes and businesses experience break-ins and burglaries. Many owners and managers claim that break-ins and crime have accelerated since the rise of COVID-19. 

Because of this, owners and property managers must consider what are the best ways to protect their homes and buildings from outside threats. Some take small steps, such as installing in-house security cameras. Others may hire on-site security to safeguard the building.

Each of these methods has its drawbacks, though. A burglar can figure out ways to navigate around your on-site guards. Likewise, your in-house cameras may only have temporary monitoring, or only recording. 

That’s why remote video monitoring can provide a better alternative to these more traditional approaches. A remote guard service may seem like a less effective approach. However, this guarding solution can provide high-quality security for your business. 

You may have concerns about this system. If so, that’s completely normal! However, we’ll demonstrate that this intelligent guard system produces excellent results. 

To do this, we’ll explore five common concerns people often have with these systems. As we go, we’ll show that a real-time, live video monitoring system can overcome each of these challenges. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

1. Wouldn’t an On-Site Guard Be More Effective than Remote Video Monitoring?

Have you ever seen a movie where a live security guard was asleep at their post? If so, you’ll understand the risks inherent in this system.

Even if you have on-site guards, they may not prove attentive at all times. After all, it’s hard to stay alert at 3 am!

Likewise, guards can’t be everywhere at once. While a guard patrols one end of the building, a burglar may find an opportunity to slip inside on the other side. 

Lastly, let’s say your guard spots criminal activity. He may have to engage in a physical confrontation that could cost him his life. Do you really want that risk on your conscience? 

Instead of facing these issues, you could hire a remote video monitoring system. This intelligent guard system offers several advantages, including:

  • Multiple people on hand to ensure nobody sleeps on the job
  • A comprehensive video monitoring system that watches every corner of your property in real-time, simultaneously, without any blind spots left
  • Remote guards cannot be frightened by an intruder and eliminate the risk of physical confrontation
  • Zero liability for remote security guards if they catch a criminal breaking in

These advantages make a remote guard safer than an on-site guard for all parties involved. However, you may wonder if this system boosts the effectiveness of your video surveillance technology. We’ll discuss this in the next section.

2. Does Remote Video Monitoring Enhance Video Surveillance’s Effectiveness?

You may wonder why you need to hire an outside service for video security. After all, you can install security cameras that feed to monitors on your property. Why isn’t that enough?

In reality, this system has several inefficiencies. For example, you likely won’t have anybody monitoring this feed neither during nor after working hours. So even if your cameras catch a crime occurring, nobody can call the police in real time.

A precondition of a CCTV surveillance system is to have an attached alarm system installed.  This system has to be switched on to be able to trigger alarms. What if the alarm system is switched off and no alarms can be triggered? In this case, you are easily exposed to unwanted activity.

Alternatively, maybe you do have overnight monitors. In that case, those monitors may become at risk when criminals trespass on the grounds.

Instead of these risks, you can use remote video monitoring services off-site. These guards notify authorities as soon as any suspicious activity is detected, or a crime occurs; without having an alarm system installed and switched on. Likewise, our services watch your building live 24/7, leaving no time for the burglars to slip past us. 

3. Is Remote Video Monitoring Expensive Compared to a Live Guard?

Believe it or not, you’ll likely spend less on a remote video monitoring team than on a single live security guard. How does this work?

First, you don’t have to pay your security guard’s hourly rate. Likewise, you can avoid licensing and insurance fees included in their service. 

Other factors could also cause your live guard’s rates to increase. For example, certain locations and times of day could cost more money. Finally, the more experienced guards often charge higher rates for their services. 

Each of these factors could cost your business a significant amount of money. Instead, you can choose to work with a remote video monitoring system. They usually offer low monthly rates for a subscription package. 

For example, when you work with our services, you can choose from one of these offers. Each of them provides a different rate for its total package. 

The cost of our off-site guarding solution is a fraction of the cost of manned guarding services.

4. Assessing a Dangerous Situation Before It Happens

One problem with human guards is that they may not act in a dangerous situation until it’s too late – assuming they would do anything at all. For example, let’s say somebody walks into a convenience store and asks the cashier to check something. When they turn around, the visitor draws a handgun. 

A real-life guard may not notice the weapon on this visitor’s person until it’s already out. Likewise, a regular security camera system may not be able to call the authorities before something terrible happens. 

However, a remote guarding system can protect your building better since the cameras’ live feeds are watched real-time. These systems can assess a situation to determine whether the person has either a suspicious item or a confirmed weapon. From there, your monitors immediately call the authorities to get them to your location.

5. Facial Recognition 

These systems can also protect your building with facial recognition features. Our video monitoring system scans the faces of people who enter your building to check if they have a warrant out for their arrest. 

If so, there’s an extreme likelihood that these people could cause harm to your building or the people in it.  Therefore, we immediately notify the authorities about this person’s location. This way, police may respond to the situation and arrest the person before anything happens. 

Consider Working With Us!

As you can see, remote guarding services outperform the alternatives. They provide more comprehensive security than in-house systems can offer. Similarly, they provide the kind of consistent security and safety that a live guard cannot.

As such, these services can significantly improve your property’s security. All that’s left is for you to decide which remote video monitoring company to work with. 

We feel confident that Swissguard can provide the services you need! We operate out of the EU, offering top-notch work services for lower labor costs than the US and UK can match. We have served several clients, including the US Navy. 

So, if you need a security team, don’t hesitate! Contact us today to find the best security for your needs!

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