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Hiking Fundamentals For Beginner Hikers

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Someone might have invited you to go hiking with them but you aren’t sure if you physically can or know enough about the activity to really do it. Whether you love nature or not, you may discover you enjoy going out into the great outdoors while exercising.

You can experience all of the beautiful sights nature can offer. It also will help you escape the busy, hectic world, as well as electronic gadgets such as your computer and smartphone. You can connect with your friends face-to-face and create memories that will last for the rest of your lives.

If you would like to try out hiking but aren’t sure what is involved, our brief guide on the fundamentals of hiking can help to prepare you for an amazing adventure and also help keep you safe at the same time. There’s isn’t a lot to it but knowing the fundamentals can help you get off to a fast start.

Decide Where to Go

Whether you are an experienced or beginning hiker, it is very important to plan ahead. You need to first decide where you want to go hiking. If you will be hiking with a friend be sure your first hike is an easy one.

If you would like to find some good local area trails, check your library or online. If there is a sporting goods store close to you, check out their gear and ask for recommendations. It is very important to be familiar with the terrain since when you are first getting started, you will want to hike on trails without a lot of uneven terrain or hills

Know Your Limits

Start out slow and gradually build up your stamina and endurance before you attempt to hike on a difficult and long trail.

You need to know what your first level is so you know how much exercise you will be able to do. Don’t overdo things. You might discover that you are unable to make it on a tough trail.

When you are first getting started you won’t need to have a backpack. If you do decide to take one, you need to ensure it isn’t too heavy. At this point, you should only be going on easy, short hikes. As your body continues to get into better shape, you will be able to carry a heavier backpack and go on longer hikes.

And when you are ready for a backpack you can read this article on how to choose one.

Get a Good Pair of Hiking Boots

It is essential to have good boots that have been designed for hiking. They are designed to protect you against snakes and to support your ankles.

Let Others Know Where You Are

You should always tell someone where you will be hiking. Even if it is just a short hike. If you will be hiking in a national park, tell the park ranger. Otherwise, let a good friend or family member know where you will be hiking.

It is always better to have a hiking partner, especially an experienced one. They will have a lot to share with you and you will be able to learn from their experiences.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Dress in layers if it is cold outside. Don’t overdress, if it is hot. If you are going to need to take layers off while you are hiking, be sure you will be able to carry them if necessary.

Take a Compass

Compasses are inexpensive and one could save your life if you got lost. It is very important to know how to read one. You may think you will be able to find you away around the trails. However, they look very similar so it could get confusing.

Hiking 101

Take some water and a few granola bars or protein bars with you, even if you are only planning on going on a short hike. Take things slow and stop to just sit and enjoy the scenery as you become reunited with Mother Nature.

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