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Beauty Plus Salon Awarded on Newsweek’s America’s Fastest Growing Online Shops 2022 List

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Beauty Plus Salon makes it possible to shop for professional, high-quality, and affordable beauty supplies online. Beauty Plus Salon’s professional hair and beauty products enable clients to receive salon-quality services in the comfort of their own homes.


For over 25 years, Beauty Plus Salon has offered the largest selection of professional hair products and beauty products online while providing the latest in Salon Services at the very best prices.


Beauty Plus Salon has become the best place to shop for affordable beauty salon supplies, from professional hair care to professional hair styling products to skincare and makeup.


With salon locations in New Jersey and New York, you can recieve the best salon services. Beauty Plus Salon’s stores and website includes thousands of name-brand products from top salon product manufacturers such as Matrix, Redken, Pureology, Paul Mitchell, Kenra, and Milkshake.


They have made it easy for women and men to achieve the hair, skin, and nails of their dreams on a budget.


One of America’s Fastest Growing Online Shops in 2022

Beauty Plus Salon ( has been featured on Newsweek’s list of America’s Fastest Growing Online Shops 2022. This esteemed award is given out by Newsweek and Statista Inc., the top statistics platform and source of market rankings worldwide. The winners’ list is currently available on Newsweek’s website .


Newsweek looked at online retailers whose traffic and sales have increased quickly and chose the top 1,000 in 37 categories across eight industries.


They evaluated businesses based on three factors: revenue growth, visitor growth, and technical aspects of their websites, such as loading speed and mobile optimization, which show how user-friendly a site is and how much time users spend there.


A total of 10,000 of the biggest online retailers were assessed using Statista, digital directories, databases, and price comparison websites. Beauty Plus Salon was listed under “Drugstore products, Cosmetics (multi-brand)” and labeled as experiencing high growth.


The President, Mark Raphan, is thrilled to share this honor of being named one of the US’s fastest-growing online stores in 2022.


The success Beauty Plus Salon has today wasn’t achieved overnight; it required years of effort and dedication. Let’s look at the factors that made Beauty Plus Salon such a force in the beauty supplies industry.


Rise of Growth During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly boosted the growth of online shopping. Before COVID-19, e-commerce was expanding quickly. However, the pandemic increased the number of American shoppers online, where they made more frequent and larger purchases.


According to Digital Commerce 360, the pandemic raised e-commerce revenue by an additional $218.53 billion over the previous two years. They anticipate that if the pandemic had not occurred, e-commerce sales would not have hit $870.78 billion until 2023, a further two years.

For Beauty Plus Salon, the pandemic has brought a drastic increase in sales and traffic. Due to the rise in COVID-19, consumers placed a higher value on self-care items as more individuals cared for their well-being. Given the closure of many salons, consumers were also driven to look for alternative ways to maintain their looks.


Customers were looking for reasonably priced beauty supplies that would help them maintain their sense of beauty and confidence in a period of uncertainty, financial strain, social isolation, and altered daily routines.


Beauty Plus Salon met consumer demands and exceeded customers’ expectations by offering a wide range of affordable professional hair products and salon supplies. While they saw significant growth during the pandemic, they continue to draw in new customers and expand their online presence by being active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


People have also turned to trusted brands as a result of the pandemic. Consumers want to find a company they can trust, one whose beauty products will do what they promise. Customers choose Beauty Plus Salon because they only stock professional beauty products that produce amazing results and provide a wide range of products for various hair and skin types.


Beauty Plus Salon has earned a reputation as the leading beauty supplies and professional hair products store online.


A Focus on Customers

At Beauty Plus Salon, customers can expect to receive the same beauty supplies from professional salons at a more affordable price.


The business “is set up to give people the products they are looking for”, says Mark Raphan. They are committed to offering the latest products and are constantly searching for the boldest looks and the newest trends, all while enhancing each customer’s natural beauty.


Beauty Plus Salon is one of the fastest growing online shops in the US in 2022 for a number of reasons including:


Exceptional Customer Service

This professional hair products store prides itself in providing the best customer service to help customers feel and look their absolute best!


From placing an order to delivering an order to communicating about an order, the entire Beauty Plus Salon team keeps the customer at the forefront of all they do. Customers can also receive free shipping on orders over $55 and expect a 24-hour turnaround on all inquiries.


Rather than spending hundreds of dollars at the salon, Beauty Plus Salon offers a pleasurable, welcoming, and professional salon experience that can be enjoyed right in the convenience of your own home.


Wide Product Variety

When you visit Beauty Plus Salon online, you’ll find a large selection of beauty supplies, including professional hair products , nail polish, skincare, and makeup.


Beauty Plus Salon isn’t just like any other beauty supply online store. Here, you can shop all professional beauty products in one place, at the same time. Beauty Plus Salon offers hundreds of the best hair and beauty supply brands, so you can find a product that meets your specific needs. With access to thousands of the best salon products, Beauty Plus Salon can help you achieve any look or style you desire.


Outstanding Customer Reviews

Nothing is more satisfying than reading a positive review of a product you have your eye on. Customers at Beauty Plus Salon get the chance to read actual customer reviews of each beauty supply product they sell.


Customers can read reviews of the product and discover how others have rated it to determine if a product is right for them. This level of honesty and openness is one of the qualities that has helped Beauty Plus Salon become one of the fastest-growing online beauty supply stores.


Mobile User-friendly Site

While shopping for beauty supplies is exciting, it can also be a stressful process, especially if a website is slow to load, cluttered, or difficult to use. With Beauty Plus Salon, this is never an issue.


Starting with the design of the site, Beauty Plus Salon is incredibly user-focused. Following the trend of more consumers shopping online on their phones, they make every effort to produce a pleasurable, enjoyable shopping experience.


They make it easy for customers to find their way around and navigate without any guesswork. Thanks to the numerous category pages and links throughout the website, visitors can find products easily and quickly on any device.


At Beauty Plus Salon, customers can shop with ease and confidence!


Affordable Prices

While all of the above are huge perks of shopping at Beauty Plus Salon, the main factor that really drives people to the website is their selection and prices.


When consumers search for beauty supply products online and find a whole bunch of retailers selling them, they typically go to where the prices are the best. That’s exactly how Beauty Plus Salon attracts customers and attains repeat customers.


Beauty Plus Salon carries all the top brands at the best prices. They provide professional hair products and beauty supplies at unbeatable discounts. Customers can now save money and get professional salon supplies delivered right to their door.


Plus, with so many products readily available, customers can easily find a product that is right for them and get one step closer to attaining their perfect look!


Beauty Plus Salon – Fastest Growing Online Shop

Beauty Plus Salon is designed with the consumer in mind. By providing customers with affordable, high-quality beauty supplies, they can achieve the look and style of their dreams – without breaking the bank.


In order to maintain its steady growth and enormous base of devoted customers, Beauty Plus Salon constantly introduces new products and expands its inventory to include additional brands. They are thrilled to be listed among Newsweek’s list of the fastest growing online shops in the US in 2022, and they will do everything in their power to keep customers happy and coming back.


As the beauty industry continues to expand, so does Beauty Plus Salon. Click here to browse the top 10 beauty supplies from Beauty Plus Salon today

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