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The Importance of Link Building for SEO in 2022

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What if you were ignoring best SEO practices and didn’t even know it?

This is easy enough to do. In fact, over 90% of the content online gets no traffic whatsoever!


One reason is that site owners don’t engage in enough link building. Why is it so important for you to start using link building techniques on your site?

Keep reading to discover the answers!


The Most Reliable SEO for Websites

When it comes to your website, chances are that you focus on SEO and keywords for a simple reason: to improve your ranking. As it turns out, link building is one of the best ways to do this.


For one thing, links back to your site help Google’s web crawler to know that your site exists. And it also helps you rank higher (in some cases, much higher) for both local searches and general user searches.


Boosting Your Most Important Metrics

Years ago, Google revealed that they mostly rank sites according to three criteria. These criteria are expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (also known as E-A-T).

If you can boost your E-A-T, your site will naturally rank higher. And backlinks are a fantastic way to boost SEO for websites.


When many other sites link back to your own, this demonstrates you are a trustworthy source of knowledge. And when these links come from high domain authority sites, it increases your own authority.


Finally, more links mean more visitors to your site. Over time, this helps demonstrate your expertise, especially when you have relevant and helpful content that keeps bringing more visitors to your site.


More Visibility Leads to More Sales

Sometimes, learning the different link building techniques and types of link building can be a bit confusing. When that happens, there is nothing wrong with bringing in an expert consultant. Such a consultant soon pays for themselves for a simple reason: more links translates to more money.


It’s still important to create content and marketing that guides consumers through the buyer’s funnel. But the best part of better SEO is that more people will discover the products and services you have for sale.

More visibility leads to more sales, and that can make all the difference for your business!


Use the Best Link Building Techniques

The frustrating thing about building links is that you are relying on other people to link back to you. While this process isn’t entirely in your control, there are a few techniques that may work best.


The best technique is reaching out to authoritative sites and offering to guest post. Such posting provides you a way to link back to your content via somebody else’s website.

You can also write articles for sites and publications whose audience overlaps with your own. For example, writing an article for Forbes is a great way to gain more visitors while linking to your site and building SEO.


Other than that, getting backlinks is all about creating content people want to link to. Concentrate on things like creating helpful articles and infographics, and never forget to promote your site via social media!


Take Your SEO to the Next Level Today!

Now you know more about how link building affects SEO. But do you know who can take your SEO to the next level?


Here at Go Hamm Digital Marketing, we specialize in getting you ranked higher in Google. To discover what we can do for your site, contact us today!

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