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Health Advantages of CBD!

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CBD, I am sure you have seen it all over social media, heard about it on the radio but have you ever asked yourself what is all the fuss about?

Let me start by stating that just recently the FDA has approved a medicine called Epidiolex. This medicine derives from cannabis and contains CBD and is used to treat seizures and in some cases it has been shown to completely stop them.

Now I am positive you have also heard someone, maybe a close friend or family member swear up and down CBD helps them in some way. But I know we can all agree that when the FDA approves of something it by far out weighs what your friend or family member says, correct? Here at Crush CBD we love to provide facts for our customers and although we can not legally say CBD helps with such and such, we can give you guys a list of what people state it helps.

(We will also include side effects)


1. Relieves pain

2. reduces anxiety and depression

3. Alleviates cancer related symptoms

4. May reduce acne

5. Helps stop or reduce seizures

6. Benefits heart health

7. Diabetes prevention


Side effects: 

1. Diarrhea

2. Changes in appetite

3. Fatigue


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