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How to Incorporate Statement Necklaces into Your Wardrobe

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Nothing makes a wardrobe like a single statement piece, and there are no better statement pieces than statement necklaces. Here is how to wear them.

In 2018, the jewelry industry was valued at just over $275 billion globally and is expected to continue growing.

Statement necklaces are currently trending and making a large contribution to the industry’s sales.

Bold necklaces are a great way to show off your personality and make a statement, but how do you wear them with your wardrobe?

Scroll down to learn which events are the best to wear your statement necklaces, along with the different styles you can buy.

Best Events to Wear Your Statement Necklaces

There are many reasons to wear a statement necklace, but don’t let our list be the limit.

Holidays are one of the best events to wear your statement necklaces. New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day are a perfect opportunity to dress up and show off your bold necklace.

Weddings are another popular event for statement necklaces. The bride may choose a bold necklace if her dress is simple. Bridesmaids often wear statement jewelry as well.

If you are looking for an excuse to wear your bold necklace try wearing it to the next party or celebration you are invited to. They make perfect additions to black dresses and single-colored tops.

School dances are another opportunity to show off statement pieces. Be bold with a necklace that may just match your crown.

Now that you have a couple of events in mind, you must next decide on what type of necklace you want to get!

1. Colorful

Bright and colorful necklaces can be a great addition to any simple or basic outfit.

Colorful necklaces can bring an outfit to life and bring all of the pieces together. If the necklace incorporates several colors, you can also use these colors in your clothing to bring the entire look together.

If you wear a lot of black or neutral tones, colorful necklaces can make you stand out from everybody else.

2. Diamond

Diamond, silver, and gold necklaces are a perfect statement piece for formal events.

Diamond necklaces are beautiful and can brighten up an entire room. They make an excellent pairing with black formal dresses and outfits. If you want to go with a slightly cheaper option, wholesale sterling silver jewelry is the next runner up.

Sterling silver jewelry is recommended for those with sensitive skin. Gold is another great option for statement necklaces. The gold can add a sophisticated and formal look to any outfit.

Before purchasing a statement necklace, be sure that you are not allergic to the material it is made of.

3. Gemstone

Crystal and stone statement necklaces are a great way to show your love for the environment and fashion.

Gemstone and crystal jewelry can make a beautiful statement, each stone has a special meaning that you can personalize to yourself. Stones and crystals have been incorporated in jewelry since the beginning for good reason.

These stones and crystal add a unique look to your style and may even help you keep your chakras balanced! Another benefit of getting gemstone necklaces is that you will learn more about the meaning of stones and crystals.

4. Dark

Dark statement necklaces come in a wide variety, but many are black with lace-like features.

Many people consider these necklaces to have a gothic or victorian style. These necklaces can complement a costume and even daily outfits. Dark necklaces are bold and can show your less-innocent characteristics.

Don’t be afraid to pair dark statement necklaces with lace and girly outfits. Black jewelry goes perfectly with light pastels and white-colored clothing. Show off your dainty and dark side with black- laced necklaces that complete your look.

5. Detailed

Detailed and unique statement necklaces are perfect for showing off your fun and loving personality.

Not all statement necklaces are the same colors and styles. There are many necklaces with beads and charms that can show off your personality. Themed statement necklaces make a perfect gift and can complete your look.

If you like to stand out from everyone else, get a unique necklace to match your personality. Depending on the season of the year, you may also be able to find seasonal charm statement necklaces.

Other Ways to Make a Statement

If you are wanting to make a statement beyond wearing a necklace, you may want to try the ideas below.

Fully black or white outfits are a great way to get noticed. They look clean and stand out among other clothes. Bright and neon-colored clothing is also a great way to make a statement.

Colors like red are flashy and can create a strong and bold statement. Oversized clothing items are also trending in the fashion industry.

In general, the best way to make a fashion statement is by creating a style that is unique to you. Your style should reflect your personality and draw attention to your best features.

Dress How You Want to Be Addressed

One of the best ways of getting noticed, and making a statement, in the fashion world is with statement necklaces.

Holidays, weddings, and parties are all perfect events to show off your stylish necklaces. They allow you to dress up formally, while still maintaining your personal touch. Diamond, silver, and gold necklaces are recommended for these events.

Bright and colorful necklaces are fun and pair well with neutral-colored clothing. Statement necklaces can also be incorporated with charms and colors that match your personality.

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