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Unlocking 7 Powerful Benefits of Blogging

Still don’t have a blog on your company’s website? Been thinking about it, but not sure if it’s really worth your time or effort? Have you started a blog, but neglected to regularly posts for whatever reason?

If any this applies to you, you’re making a costly mistake!

The benefits of blogging are vast and constantly growing. Without one, you miss out on a major traffic opportunity with both current and future consumers.

More than ever, people are heading online for information, research, and trends pertaining to their interests. A blog provides them with all of that — and more!

In fact, it is one of the best ways to attract more business, engage your consumers, and keep your business flowing in the direction you want.

Let’s get into some of the most powerful benefits of blogging!

Refines Your Unique Business Voice

Consumers don’t just necessarily want a product. They want a motive, a story, a reason to consider your product. Digital marketing captures this in a way that paper brochures and television commercials cannot.

Enter in blogging. Blogs, by nature, have a personal feel to them. The voice is yours, which means it can be as funny, serious, intimate, or playful as you want it to be.

A voice reflects your business’s image just as much as its products or services do. Again, people want to feel connected with businesses. They want to feel a sense of respect and engagement and community.

A blog can offer that in many more ways than just a website’s generic landing or contact page.

Consumers Are More Likely to Find You

When was the last time you Googled something? Better yet, when was the last time you checked past page 1 or 2 in your search engine results? Can’t remember? Well, you’re not alone.

Nobody wants to waste their time poring through pages and pages of content.

It’s no surprise that the Internet is an enormous place, and more and more consumers are turning online for news and information.

This is why blogging with search engine optimization (SEO) content and keywords is so important. SEO improves your overall visibility in search engines- which moves more people to your website.

SEO, in terms of the benefits of blogging, is one of the most powerful, effective tools for advertising. Keep that in mind, and happily watch your statistics grow!

People Stay on Your Website Longer

Customers reading your content is great. Customers reading your content and then buying or using your service is even greater.

Benefits of blogging include utilization of inbound marketing and internal links. This keeps customers on your website longer. This increases the chances of them engaging with your content more, which increases the chances of them becoming a consumer.

Internal link benefits include:

  • quickly directing consumers to your contact page
  • linking to important resources or products
  • linking to your landing and homepage
  • having consumers subscribe to your website

Social Media Engagement

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. Cliched as it sounds, if your business is not on social media, does it even exist?

Trendy teenagers, A-list celebrities, and popular social media influencers all know the importance of this kind of engagement.

They also know that social media is constantly changing, and it’s crucial to stay updated with branding and marketing trends.

One of the greatest benefits of blogging is that it creates fresh and exciting content. This can be shared via links on your various social media platforms, and this keeps content (and conversation) flowing.

The result? Blog links keep people clicking, which means it keeps people talking. And, yes, it keeps people purchasing.

As a result, you enjoy more traffic onto your site and more engagement within your various platforms.

Talk about a win-win.

Demonstrates Expertise & Knowledge

Many businesses struggle with setting themselves apart from the competition. This is especially seen in highly-saturated industries. And even if you know that you have a quality service or product, you want to naturally convey that to your potential consumers.

The benefits of blogging include a strong understanding of your consumer. You’ll also understand his or her needs, wants, questions, and fears.

Consider this: someone reads a thought-provoking, well-written article about the health benefits of sunscreen. That individual may feel more inclined to click on that sunscreen business’s product page. He or she may be more likely to scroll through other written content.

And, you may have just gained a new consumer! Talk about a no-brainer.

Encourages Communication with Your Consumers

Only considering the benefits of blogging as what you can offer your consumer? Then you’re only considering half of the equation.

Blogging is interactive. It encourages discussion and collaboration. This makes both you and the consumer feel more connected. They’ll feel more empowered with your relationship.

This can be achieved in various ways, including:

  • Encouraging comments and discussion
  • Creating a call to action
  • Inviting guest bloggers or encouraging guest posting
  • Creating dialogue/communication within your consumers
    • as they can comment or send messages to one another

Again, the more you have people talking and engaging, the more chances you have to build a relationship with them.

Any successful business is built upon successful relationships. This is something you do not want to neglect!

Fun & Creative Expression

Maybe your business is already successful. Maybe you already have a decent audience and cash flow.

Even if all this is true, we still urge you to consider blogging. Why? Blogging allows for artistic expression. It allows you to incorporate uniqueness and creativity into your work.

This keeps your business fresh, which keeps your consumers attracted.

Besides, who doesn’t like the chance to express themselves?

Benefits of Blogging: Closing Thoughts

Blogging remains an invaluable tool that can benefit any business, no matter the service or product being offered.

The benefits of blogging are so tremendous that we basically consider having a blog nonnegotiable.

Keep on learning more by reading our other posts!

Do you have a blog for your business? If so, what benefits have you reaped from this decision? Let us know!




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