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How to Create Online Promotions for a Digital Consulting Agency

The digital age is not done claiming victims in stagnant businesses and industries.

Even the oldest traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses are being disrupted in surprising ways.

Thus, digital consulting businesses simply must walk the walk and talk the talk in maximizing digital methods, starting with the basics like online promotions.

Here are some basics…

Don’t You Know Who I Am? Do You Know You Are?

Online promotions leverage the near infinite connections to customers of the internet.

First, they give the chance to grow awareness about your brand and company. Second, they give you control over your identity. Even when people don’t know a business, a solid marketing plan via online promotions can still create a good impression.

But what will those perceptions be? A good marketing department will have already developed those core ideal. That creates the foundation for any other promotions online or otherwise.

First Impressions Matter

They really do, it’s how people’s brains work. The first time a potential customer interacts with your business sets expectations and leaves long-lasting impressions.

For digital consultants, that first impression needs to be both online and impressive.

Know your audience

Another way to say this is to do your homework. The internet has given birth to big data. Doing an online promotion campaign only make sense after identifying who the targeted customers are and how to get to them.

Online Promotions Need to Inspire, Prompt, Excite

These online promotions should prompt business leaders to learn more about how to take their businesses boldly and successfully into the digital age.

Digital technologies have enabled all businesses to do more than any other tool in the history of humanity, especially small business and startups. That’s exciting and potential customers need to feel that excitement when they experience your promotions.

Visuals? Yes!

Powerful digital tools unlock the ability to create, distribute and consume bigger and better visuals. No space online should ever be wasted on weak visual appeal.

Visual appeal not only draws more eyes, it also increases perceived value. If it looks expensive, it must be expensive, right?

What will customer see after clicking through to a website is just as important as the initial promotion they saw. This is a good place to go visual as well. Consider a carousel of relevant and compelling images to hook visitors.

Create Content to Impress

Once someone is on a site, something needs to keep them there.

Great content on a site is the closer for a digital operation. This is where a team of inbound marketers can come in and help make the most of the promotional activity.

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