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Green Green Grass and High Water Bills

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“Why are there super healthy green areas in my yard?”  Maybe a wheelbarrow of fertilizer was mysteriously turned over there… OR  you might have a plumbing leak.  There may be squishy ground in that green green super healthy area of your yard.  Since plumbing leaks are often hidden and hard to diagnose, here are a few items you can check for on a situation like this.


Yellow courtesy tags from the water company have become more common.  Since many cities have converted to “smart meters” the water company can often detect if you have a leak.  If they suspect a plumbing leak in your home you may get a pretty bright yellow or orange note on your door.  This indicates their suspicion of a leak on the property.


Green patches of grass may indicate an underground water line leak.  It could also be a symptom of a broken sewer main or septic tank issue.  The grass loves the nitrogen rich dirt around sewage pipes and will often turn a deep green color yelling “Ive hit the mother load of food!”  Grass also loves a daily drink from your leaking water line.


If your walking along your yard and your foot sinks into the ground you might have a pipe leaking underground.  If it’s a new leak it may not be accompanied by green lush grass yet.  You might also notice a stream of water flowing across the driveway or a wet area that does not dry.

So if you’ve seen these signs your probably paying extra for water or may have a sewer line on the verge of backing up.  Calling your local plumber to assist and repair the problem will save you money over time and possibly avoid interruption of your utilities.  After Hours Plumbing LLC has diagnosed hundreds of “mystery leaks” and we can quickly fix any plumbing problems you may have.  For questions or to schedule an appointment call us today.  We look forward to talking with you!  Our number is 706-248-5934.

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