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Great Uses For Lithium-Ion Batteries To Improve Your Next Hunting Adventure


These days we have more access than ever before to a large arsenal of high-tech tools making hunting more enjoyable, from UTVs to deer feeders, and trail cameras to scent-masking devices.

But if you want to bring your hunt into the 21st century, you should consider making the switch to lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are rapidly changing many aspects of modern life, and hunting is no different.

Here are a few ways that you can use these batteries to make your next hunting trip better than ever!

lithium deer feeder batteries

More Reliable Trail Cameras

In order to capture your prey, you have to find it first. In the olden days, you would search for signs of your quarry, then hide yourself hoping that they would return to that spot.

Now, you can use remote trail cameras to set up eyes in multiple locations. This allows hunters to get better reconnaissance on animals’ travel habits with less time.

Most of these high end cameras also come equipped with infrared lenses for filming animals in the dead of night. Some trail cameras can even be synced to your phone. When they pick up movement, they send a notification in real time.

Powering these cameras can be tricky. Since they’re set up in the wilderness, tapping directly into a power source isn’t an option. Most people use traditional lead batteries, but the issue is that they need to be constantly replaced throughout the season.

It’s time to let the world in on a little secret. If you power your trail cameras with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, they will last roughly 5 times longer, allowing for a much more reliable view. If you augment these batteries with a small solar panel, they can stay in continual operation indefinitely.

Longer Lasting Deer Feeders

Tracking your prey through their regular movement patterns requires lots of patience.  One way to speed this up is to bait them to come to you.

Deer feeders can be a great way to attract deer to a specific location of your choosing. The way that they operate is fairly simple. Deer feed is stored in a large container above an elevated dish. A motor in the container automatically empties feed into the dish at regular intervals.

One important thing to note is that if the batteries in your deer feeder die, then feeding stops. When the food stops coming, so do the deer.

Long-lasting lithium ion batteries will keep your feeders running smoothly through the duration of your hunt, ensuring that you have a steady flow of deer.

deer feeder batteries

Power Your Camp

A hunting trip isn’t all hiding and tracking. Resting and eating regularly is crucial to make sure that you stay sharp throughout the hunt. Good rest requires a good campsite, which means you’re going to have to get fancier than a simple pop tent and a sleeping bag.

One easy way to improve the quality of your food prep experience is by bringing along an electric grill, such as a Traeger grill. Traeger grills create heat by drawing wood pellets from a side-mounted hopper into a central burn container, where they’re set on fire by a hot metal rod.

Trager style grills are ideal for camping because they don’t require much space (or skill) to operate. Just add wood pellets, turn it on, and choose any temperature you want- including smoke. These portable units require electricity to function, and lithium batteries make the perfect match due to their small size and large power capacity.

traeger grill batteries

More Reliable UTVs

Some hunts demand more mobility than others, and there’s no better way to do that in the wilderness than by utilizing an Utility Task Vehicle, or UTV. They also make it possible to easily move a 200 lb. buck from the kill spot back to camp.

UTVs, also called side-by-sides, are tough vehicles that make short work of carrying hunting equipment and game.

Modern electric UTVs are almost entirely silent. There’s no roar of a gas engine—just the gentle sound of the tires rolling along the trail. This simply couldn’t be achieved without the application of high capacity batteries– specifically lithium ion. By using lithium you can much travel farther between charges and save precious weight. And because there are no emissions, there’s not a nasty smell to scare the animals off.

Cleaner Power

One of the most precious and enjoyable parts of any hunt is the quality time spent out in nature.

While you’re waiting for your target to appear near you, it’s hard to ignore the quiet rustle of the forest around you. There’s something special about the stillness of waiting that can’t be found anywhere else.

A good hunter respects this quiet serenity and tries to leave it as untouched as they found it.

Lead batteries and gasoline are a poor choice for that aim. After all, nothing ruins a quiet moment in the woods like the stink of engine exhaust. Between the exhaust of gas and the wastefulness of dead batteries, these power sources choke the atmosphere and pile up in landfills.

Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, are a much cleaner power source. With thousands of power cycles, zero acid leakage, and compatibility with solar panels, lithium-ion batteries can reduce the carbon footprint of your hunting trip greatly.

UTV batteries

Make The Jump To Lithium-Ion Batteries

If you want to make a hassle-free, comfortable, carbon-neutral hunting trip, there’s no better option than lithium-ion batteries.

Ready to make the switch? Browse our collection!

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