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7 Exercises You Can Do From Home With and Without a Machine

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Are you trying to get fit at home?

In 2020 and the beginning of 2021, many people found themselves unable to go to the gym. With everything locked down, they had to get creative.

Does this sound like you?

Even if you weren’t already a gym-goer, this is the perfect time to get in shape and improve your overall health. Luckily, you don’t need an expensive gym to do so: you can do plenty of exercises from home!

For someone who’s used to the convenience of the gym, or anyone who isn’t used to exercise at all, this might seem challenging. That’s why we’re here. Keep reading to learn all about home workouts that you can do without stepping foot in a gym.

1. Aerobics (and other Cardio Classes)

With the abundance of exercise videos on the web, fun cardio exercises are easier than ever to do at home.

You don’t need to go to an aerobics class in person to get a great workout. Go on YouTube and search for the kind of cardio that you’re looking for and you’re sure to find a ton of instructors that are ready to lead you!

Aerobics isn’t just people in leotards and leg warmers. You can take aerobic dance classes, aerobics interval training, and more. All you need is some comfortable clothing, a bottle of water, and a small amount of free space.

2. Pilates

Pilates is an underrated exercise. Many people think that it’s too easy to make an impact, but that isn’t true. It’s one of the best toning exercises that you can do in a small space without any equipment.

Pilates is great for your core, but you can also use it to tone your legs, your glutes, and even your arms. While you’re only working with your body weight, the smooth and repetitive movements will build strength.

Similar to aerobics, there are plenty of great pilates videos online. Some are more active and fast-paced while others are slow and great for beginners. You can start putting moves together to make your own routine once you get the hang of it!

3. Yoga

Many people associate yoga with pilates, but they’re not the same. While they’re both floor exercises that rely on steady breathing, they do different things.

Yoga is great for building core and upper-body strength. More advanced yoga routines will test your balance as well. Some are even great for cardio!

Yoga also has other benefits. It requires that you practice mindfulness and it can be great for soothing anxiety. When you do yoga, you focus on deep and steady breaths as part of your practice.

There are plenty of yoga videos on the web for all fitness levels. There’s even yoga for children and yoga for people with mobility limitations. This gentle exercise will build strength and endurance and you only need a yoga mat (or a soft carpet) to get started.

4. Plyometrics

Do you think that you can’t do plyometrics in the comfort of your own home? Think again.

Plyometric exercises blend cardio and strength for a complete workout in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that these exercises are best for people who already have a decent level of fitness, so if you’re new, build up strength before you give them a shot.

The only limitation when it comes to plyometric exercises is whether or not you have downstairs neighbors. There’s a lot of jumping involved in many of these exercises, so you might want a more low-impact workout if you don’t want to make too much noise.

You don’t need any equipment at all for most plyometric exercises, so if you’re feeling strong, give them a shot!

5. Bodyweight Strength Training

Looking for more traditional strength training?

While it’s helpful to have weights, you don’t need them, even if you’re a seasoned exerciser. There are plenty of great bodyweight exercises for every fitness level and every part of the body.

When it comes to working with your body weight, you get what you put in. You have to challenge yourself and pay attention to your form.

For your upper body, stick with traditional pushups, pike pushups, and tricep dips. You will need some kind of platform for the tricep dips, but you can use a chair, couch, or even your bed.

For your lower body, many traditional exercises make a big impact, even without weights. Squats, squat variations, lunge variations, and even wall sits are wonderful for your butt and thighs.

Most common core exercises only use your weight until you get to higher levels of fitness. Stick with traditional crunch variations, Russian twists, and planks. You’ll feel a huge difference in your abs.

6. Weighted Exercises

Weights are generally better when you’re strength training, but you don’t need a full weight rack to get an effective workout.

We suggest buying adjustable dumbbells if you live in a small space and like to do home workouts. You’ll be able to do a wide range of exercises.

If not, try finding objects around the house that you can use. Water jugs, backpacks full of books, and even canned foods are great for makeshift weights.

You can add weights to most exercises that you can do with your own body weight. You can also add things like bicep curls, rows, deadlifts, and more. Make sure that your form is good before increasing your weight to prevent injuries.

7. Cycling

If the heat is too much for you to handle, or if you’re not in a cyclist-friendly area, going outside and riding a bike isn’t ideal. That doesn’t mean that you can’t cycle from home!

Exercise bikes are compact enough that they fit into most homes and apartments with ease. You can increase the resistance, track your speed, and even track your “distance” with most of these handy machines.

Cycling is great for your heart, your endurance, and the muscles in your legs!

Do These Exercises from Home

You don’t have to leave your house for a good workout. Whether you have exercise equipment or you’re using what you have available to you already, at least one of these exercises from home will be a perfect match.

Start your fitness journey from your living room today!

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