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GLOW Natural Wellness Launches New Online Destination for Midlife Women –

Menopause and Perimenopause education, resources, products and support all in one place


Wyoming, United States, October 29, 2023— is a new online destination for women to get answers about perimenopause, menopause, anti-aging, and holistic health. The site features a quizzes, symptom decoder, helpful articles, recipes, e-books and classes and coaching. While there, women can shop a variety of natural and holistic solutions to women’s biggest hormone frustrations .

“There’s so much information out there about hormone health and it can be overwhelming,” said Dr. Michelle Sands, Naturopathic physician and founder of GLOW Natural Wellness and creator of “My goal is to provide women with everything they need to know about hormone health, aging gracefully, and living a healthy life – all in one place. But even more important, I want to provide all women with safe, affordable, and accessible options for living life on their own terms. We can’t avoid menopause, but we can avoid the symptoms and health risks that come with it.”

Dr. Sands is a board-certified Naturopathic physician and renowned hormone expert. She is the author of “The Hormone Harmony, over 35” an international best-selling book about natural hormone health.

“As a woman enters perimenopause, she can experience a wide range of symptoms that can be very confusing and even scary,” said Dr. Sands. “ is a place where she can get accurate information and find solutions that work.”

“I was diagnosed with ovarian failure at a young age.” Dr. Sands remarks. This gave me the unique opportunity to experience the symptoms of menopause, and to see first-hand how poorly prepared our medical system is to deal with this demographic, and how confusing the menopause transition can be to navigate.”

Changing the Midlife Narrative

The goal of is simple yet profound: to redefine how women experience the change. Rather than a period of uncertainty and discomfort leading to a slow decline, midlife is an opportunity for growth, rejuvenation, and empowerment. With accessible, evidence-based information and holistic solutions, women can embrace this life stage with open arms.

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