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What is Delta 8 THC?

Research over the past few years has shown the versatility of the cannabis plant. Split into two separate categories, hemp and marijuana, the cannabis plant could offer tons of benefits. Unfortunately, for several decades, it has been federally prohibited. But thanks to a recent law change, hemp and marijuana, once defined together, are now defined […]

Delta 8 vs Delta 9: What is There to Know?

There is tons of information across the internet comparing Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC together. They are both psychoactive cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. However, one cannabinoid is legal and the other, in large quantities, is illegal on the federal level. So what are all of the differences between Delta 8 and […]

Delta 8 THC: Separating The Myths and Facts

The explosive growth of delta 8 has been a blessing for countless individuals throughout the U.S. However, growth that quickly is not without some minor drawbacks. These products suddenly popped up seemingly everywhere, and the most noticeable side effect related to this boom is the lack of reliable online information surrounding the cannabinoid. There are […]

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