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Get The Best Dog Products Around From Breed Genetics

Breed Genetics provides top-quality products for dogs.


Fitchburg, MA, August 3, 2022— The Company AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) Breed Genetics is a bundle member at the national conference 9/10 thru 9/13 in Palm Beach, FL. The aim of the conference is for companies to promote their products to the public.

Breed Genetics develops products for the most extreme sporting and working dogs since they put a ton of stress and wear and tear on their bodies.

By developing products that meet these high standards, they will work for the most intense, as well as the masses. Breed genetics does not develop your run-of-the-mill supplements.

Breed Genetics doesn’t mass produce multivitamins or products you can get at every corner. The products are developed because their is limited access in the marketplace, or are products that need to be improved upon. Products are developed for performance, recovery, gut immunity, pain and inflammation and cellular health.

All natural, integrative, pure supplements. Competitor supplements may not contain what the label claims, or could be at ineffective levels. Even worse, they could contain heavy metals, pesticides and harmful chemicals. Each Breed Genetics® product is human grade, at clinical levels, made in an FDA-regulated facility and GMP Registered. Made in the USA.

Breed Genetics® follows all FDA label compliance requirements. Many dogs have allergies to chicken and other animal proteins, so they are entirely omitted.

By using only veggie capsules, they are less processed than chews which have binders and fillers. Just sprinkle it into any wet food, peanut butter, pill pocket, and it will take on the flavor of whatever you put it in.

Every ingredient in a Breed Genetics® product has been backed by scientific studies. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

“I’ve never seen my dog so happy and healthy! Breed Genetics has found a lifelong customer,” said one dog owner.

The Breed Genetics team prides themselves not only on their high-quality products but also on their affordable pricing. You will not break the bank buying these products, and Breed Genetics offers Police and Military discounts.

You can learn more on the official company site. You can see here a full product catalogue as well as more information on the products themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Take your dog’s nutrition to the next level today!

About Breed Genetics:

Our Mission: To improve the lives of dogs through innovation, transparency, quality and integrity from every product we manufacture.  Breed Genetics was founded out of necessity when founder, Erin Sullivan, needed a strong nerve relief product for her dog Killian, who suffered from IVDD. By combining 4 medicinal herbs at clinical levels, that addressed discomfort for not only joint, but nerve as well, Mobility Max was born. Erin Sullivan started in the veterinary industry back in 1994. Over the past 18 years, she worked in veterinary practice, veterinary distribution and manufacturing as well as educating veterinarians on supplementation.

Contact Information:

Erin Sullivan
Breed Genetics
499 Electric Ave #160 Fitchburg, MA 01420
[email protected]

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