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Fun in the Sun: The Ultimate List of Summer Activities for Families

A quarter of Americans list summer as their favorite season, and why wouldn’t they? School’s out and so is the sun, and there’s a whole world out there to explore. And who better to do it with than your family?

Whether you want to have fun in your own backyard or on a family outing, there are a lot of amazing summer activities that you’re going to want to make time for, rain or shine. Doing things as a family will help you bond and give great memories to adults and kids alike.

Read on to learn some of the most essential summer activities that aren’t to be missed out on! 

Great Family Outings

Like we said before, summer is a time for adventure! You’re going to want to get out of your house and head off to explore. Here, we’re going to tell you some of the best places you can go to experience the great summer vibes that you and your family crave.

Go to an Outdoor Mall!

One of the greatest trends in the modern day is the outdoor mall. These shopping centers have all the stores outside, so you can soak up some rays while browsing clothes, snacks, and more. 

Take your family to a place like this to look around. Shop (or window shop) until you drop, and remember to pick up a chicken sandwich or some fast-food Chinese at the food court!

Head to The Beach!

Ah, the beach- it’s a summer classic, and with good reason. Whether you want to soak up some sun with your spouse or watch as the kids you adore splash each other with ocean water, you’ll have a fantastic time.

Remember to foster your kid’s creativity and help them build the perfect sandcastle, too. It’s a memory they’ll appreciate and cherish well into adulthood.

Take a Pool Trip!

Summer is a time for water activities, but if the beach isn’t within your reach, that’s okay. There are pools in pretty much every area on the map, so grab your towels and head out there with your family!

Water slides are the best, but there’s fun to be had even for the little ones who are too small to get on them. Check out some of the best pool activities for children. From beach ball races to chicken fighting, there’s so much to try!

Summer Fun at Home

Even though going out and doing things is fun, there are days when you’re just going to want to stay home. Still, there’s no reason to waste these summer nights. This section’s for those evenings that you want to have a good time from your own backyard.

Watch a Movie… Outdoors!

Watching a movie is fun in any season, but in summer you can do it outdoors. There’s a backyard movie package for every family, so you can get the films that you love most onscreen in your backyard.

For added fun, project them onto a huge inflatable screen! Your kids are sure to watch in gleeful awe… but you might not notice, because you’ll be absorbed by the feeling, too.

Host a Barbecue!

Barbecues are amazing! That’s probably the most obvious statement ever, but it merits being said. Whether you want to get into the backyard and bond with your family alone or you want to invite neighbors to share the fun with you, having a barbecue is essential to any summer.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the spatula, some burgers, and a ball to throw (safely) around while the fire crackles!

Toast Some S’mores!

Speaking of fire, toasting s’mores is another essential summer activity. It’s perfect for the nighttime, so you can curl up around a fire pit after dark and break out the marshmallows. 

Make sure the little ones are safe but don’t keep them too far from the fire! Sticking marshmallows into them and watching them go all gooey is an extremely important part of any childhood. Bon appetit!

For the Rainy Days…

When we imagine summer, we tend to think only of clear days at the beach and starry nights around the campfire. Unfortunately, there are going to be some days where the weather doesn’t cooperate, but this doesn’t mean that you still can’t have great family bonding time! Here’s how.

Have a Board Game Night!

One amazing way to bond with your family is to have a board game night. Pull out classics like Sorry, Life, and Scrabble, but don’t shy away from more current games like Betrayal at House on the Hill or Apples to Apples, either.

These board games are sure to get both the conversation and the laughter rolling. For a fun time as well as a night of getting to know your family better, board game night is perfect for the rainy days.

Read by the Fire!

If you want to do something a little more cozy and introverted, share space with your family and read good books together. Prop some pillows in front of the fireplace and gather around. Whether you like historical fiction, crime novels, cozy mysteries, or young adult fantasy, you can read it while sharing a bowl of chips with your loved ones.

Love Your Summer Activities!

There’s so much to do in summer that it’s hard to choose between activities! Luckily, you have three months to pack in all the family fun you could dream of.

Now that you know about some awesome summer activities that you and your family can enjoy together, check out the ‘all articles’ section on our page! Click around for a little bit to learn about different topics. You might get ideas for some great family discussions to have this season!

Have a great summer, and remember- always wear sunscreen!

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