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Jennifer Lopez’s Workout Recovery Is Too Cool

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Jennifer Lopez is known for her amazing music and her superb female fitness routine. She works hard to maintain and improve her physique with tough workouts and stellar nutrition. Performing on stage can take a deep toll on the body, with traveling and practice taking a harsher toll still. But Jennifer Lopez is a wonder woman when it comes to staying fit, powerful and beautiful. Her achievements shine through in her charismatic stamina and glowing fitness.

Even with the intensity of her schedule, she includes workouts with her famous fiancee, Alex Rodriguez. They have shared videos of their workouts on social media, and shown just how serious they take their fitness. Jennifer is sculpted and toned, keeping herself in perfect shape. These intense workouts bring with them the physical and mental exhaustion that requires taking some time to recover. Jennifer, much like many other celebrities, understands the value of recovery, and incorporates for advanced recovery methods that are healthy and effective.

Jennifer uses cryotherapy for her workout recovery, weight and skin enhancement, and to feel rejuvenated after strenuous workouts or performances.

Cryotherapy stimulates the metabolism, turning our metabolically inactive cells into active ones, helping us lose weight. No wonder models, performers and athletes all swear by it.

Cryotherapy Benefits

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With sub zero temperatures for three minutes, the body can push itself to protection of the core, which then surges the healing nutrients to the extremities upon leaving the chamber. Safe and effective, cryotherapy offers some fabulous benefits for looking and feeling great.

“In an effort to stay warm, the body up-regulates the metabolic rate, increasing calorie burn with lasting effects that can take two to three days to return to baseline”, explains Hollywood nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, who’s known for helping Jennifer Lopez maintain her age-defying shape.

“But there’s another aspect that’s not often talked about. Cryotherapy’s extreme cold can increase the accessibility of your body’s growth hormone, which has whole-body anti-aging effects but diminishes as we get older.” ¹

From fine line reduction of the skin to muscle and joint inflammation reduction, stars everywhere are taking the treatment seriously and recommending it to their friends. The endorphins the body releases after a session give a mental euphoria and feeling of well-being for a period after a treatment, and this is a big bonus for those that are tired from intense workouts.

J-Lo understands the wellness recovery benefits of cryotherapy and how it can be a non-invasive and healthy part of workouts on a daily basis. The workout lifestyle is changing and the recovery from workouts with cryotherapy is a big part of that healthy fitness.

Learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy, find out how you can provide cryotherapy services, and read the guide on the cryotherapy business.


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