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From Trash to Cash: 5 Types of Metal Scraps You Can Sell

We have so much reusable metal, yet, only 30% of it is recycled. We live in a day and age where everything we use as some form of metal. To keep producing these items, we need to learn to recycle our metals.

You may be thinking it would be easier to toss out your metal products. Even so, have you considered selling those products instead? You can help recycle and make money at the same time. Below we will look at five different metal scraps you can sell for money.

1. Aluminum

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The first and most recycled metal is Aluminum. You can find this metal in food items such as soda and beer cans, and food wrap foils. Some parts of your house may have aluminum. These can include gutters, doors, and window frames. Other items with aluminum are air conditioners, bicycles, nails, car hoods, and computers.

2. Steel

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The second most common recycled material is steel. You may think steel is just used for creating buildings, but that is not so. You can find steel and stainless steel in normal household items. For example, sinks, pots, pans, coat hangers, knives, hammers, and screwdrivers.

3. Copper

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The third metal on the list is copper. Copper is found in almost everything. You can find it in household items, electronics, manufacturing equipment, etc. The first place your brain may go is copper wiring. It’s found in so many things and makes the world run. Yet, copper is in so much more. Electronic items that contain copper are phone and electrical cords, and air conditioners. Other items include sinks, pots, statues, plumbing pipes, and gutters.

4. Brass

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Next up on the list is brass. As with copper, this metal is found in almost everything. An obvious place to find brass, and probably the first one you think of is musical instruments. On top of that, you can find it in household items — for example, faucet and door handle, pipes, spigots, light fixtures, and air conditioners. Other items you may not think contain brass are hooks, jewelry, belts, keys, and bullet casings.

5. Carbide

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Finally, we have a metal you may not have heard of, carbide. Carbide is found more in the tools you may have in your garage or shed. For example, saw blades, drill bits, agricultural tools, tool bits, and router bits.

Fun fact, you can also find carbide in some ball-point pens.

Let’s Sell Those Metal Scraps

Recycling materials not only saves you money but allows the metals to be reused once again. Less energy will be spent trying to manufacture products with recycled materials.

Now you have an idea of some of the metal scraps you can sell. Think about bringing them to a scrap yard before you toss them in the trash. Do more research if you want to learn about other types of metals you can sell for cash. On top of that, as natural resources run out, prices rise. Why wait until the prices rise?

Reach out to if you want to learn more about these or other types of metals you can sell.

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