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Don’t DIY, When You Can Have it Done for You!

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Not too long ago, the DYImovement (for Do It Yourself) was the big trend in home repair, remodeling, and decor. Homeowners and renters alike, inspired by social media and television shows, were committed to rolling up their sleeves and completing numerous tasks on their own. Cabinets, home decorations, plumbing; you name it and someone has done it themselves.

But theres a new trend.

Instead of DIY, people are realizing that its more convenient, efficient, effective, and (in some cases) affordable to have it done for them. Instead of Do It Yourself, the new trend is Do It For Me,or DIFM.

DIFM: Why Do It For Me is the New DIY

More Time for Yourself, Your Family

One of the biggest motivations for DIFM is time. There are only so many hours in a day, so many days in a week, so manyyou get the point. Why spend a weekend repairing the gutters when you can hire it out and instead spend a full Saturday with your growing children? (They wont be little forever!) Why take a vacation day to install closet drawers, hangers, and cabinets when you could spend that time fishing, hiking, or golfing?

Things Actually Get Done

How many projects have you planned to start? How many projects have you started? How many projects actually made it to completion? When you take a DIFM approach, the project, whether its a massive home remodel or a slight redecoration, is more likely to be completed quickly.  

You Already DIFM More Than You Realize

Think DIFM is not for you? Are you a fiercely independent, self-reliant individual who prefers to take on a challenge with your own skills and intuition? Thats great, and we certainly applaud your abilities! But be aware: you DIFM more often than you think.

Have you ever gone through an automated carwash because you didnt have time for the manual wash? Have you ever taken your vehicle for an oil change instead of doing it yourself? Have you ever ordered a pizza for delivery instead of picking it up?

You could have washed your car manually, changed the oil and filter yourself, and made a pizza from scratch. But you didnt; you saved time and hassle by letting someone else do all of these tasks for you.

The same principle applies to your home. Its far faster, easier, and more effective to hire a professional to build a custom closet or home office.

Let Us Complete Your Closet, Office, or Garage

When you are ready to stop procrastinating and complete your custom closet or home office, give us a call. We use American-made products and build everything in house, but we still deliver fast results so you can take one project of your long to-do list.

If you want more ideas for your small closet, contact the experienced team at Affordable Closets today. With our knowledge, skill, and dedication to service, we can transform your cramped closet into a useful space.

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