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How Much Does Marijuana Cost on Average?

Have you ever found yourself spending money without the slightest idea if you’re getting a good price? Not everyone loves to do extensive research before every buy, and may not always have the time. 

If you’re not one of those people looking up multiple restaurant menus before deciding where to go, you may not be looking into the prices of things like weed, which can end up pretty costly. 

Wondering how much does marijuana cost? If you’re new to marijuana use or simply want to make sure you’re getting a good deal, you’re in the right place. 

How Much Does Marijuana Cost

If you’re new to an area or new to using weed, you may not know where to begin. There are a lot of good online resources available today, like, that can help you find dispensaries to visit.

And there are several variables to consider when determining the cost of marijuana. Here are a few basic guidelines and price points to help you find the best products at the best prices.

The Quality

 If you’re looking for affordable weed, a higher price could mean higher quality. However, that isn’t always the case. Average prices for a gram often range from $8 to $15. If the cost is going past $20, it may be overpriced as opposed to premium bud.

The Quantity

This might sound like an obvious explanation in regards to the cost of weed. The more weed you buy, the higher the price tag. Most places measure by gram but be sure you know what to expect and how much you want before deciding on a purchase. 

The Product

Nowadays weed comes in all kinds of forms for you to choose from. When asking how much is weed, you should also ask what product are you looking to buy. Are you interested in buying gummies, a blunt, or some weed butter to make your own edibles? 

You can follow the generic price of  8 to 15 for a gram, but it can become more complicated when you’re buying a fancy product. The methods required to make certain products can drive up the price. But the wide variety of options also means you can likely find a good fit for your weed needs.

The Location

If you’re looking at some of the average costs thinking they’re too high or too low, consider where you live. The cost of weed is impacted by states, the marijuana policies, and providers available. Marijuana costs can change by several dollars from state to state depending on these things.

Dazed But Not Confused

When buying weed, you can and should be asking yourself how much does marijuana cost. Knowing the average prices for your area, and for the products you want, helps you get the best deal.

The cost of weed shouldn’t put a damper on enjoying yourself. So start shopping around, and learn more about prices and products to find the perfect fit. And if you found this guide helpful, check us out for more useful tips.

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