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Follow the Path of Light: 5 Christian Dating Tips for New Lovers

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Dating as a Christian can be hard sometimes.

Finding someone who shares your faith and devotion to Christ is tough enough. It’s even harder trying to find someone who’s funny, compassionate, and attractive as well. While there is plenty of fish in the proverbial sea, but it can end up running dry pretty quickly when you’re looking for love.

Instead of blaming your faith for your bad dating prospects, use it to your advantage. In this post, we’re going to give you some Christian dating tips that will help you find the right love instead of the most convenient one.

You’ll have to leave convention behind and be open to new possibilities. All things, including love, are possible through God. His matchmaking skills can be pretty good too.

  1. Stick to Your Principles

The number one piece of dating advice that applies to all people, but especially people of faith, is that you should always stick to your principles. If something or someone doesn’t seem like they’re in this relationship for the same reasons you are, it’s okay to pull back and pray on it.

  1. The Belief In What You Deserve

You’re always going to attract who you think you deserve, rather than who you actually deserve. When you’ve got low self-confidence, then you’re more likely to attract someone that’s going to treat you how you feel.

Shoot for the stars. No partner is completely unattainable and through new technology like Match and LDS Singles, you can filter out some of the bad matches before you even go out on a date.

People don’t like to put themselves on a pedestal, but the truth is, you should always value yourself and what you need in a partner. A great relationship should be mutually beneficial, not a one-way street.

  1. Faith Comes First

In a good Christian relationship, your devotion to God should always come first. If you’re dating another Christian, they’ll feel the same way. You can’t let relationships get in the way of living a good Christian life and a truly healthy relationship will follow God’s guidance.

  1. Knowing Who You Are

In the same way that you should put your faith first, you should also put yourself and your personal development first. Work on yourself every day to make yourself better and the situations you put yourself in better; the rest will follow.

Being comfortable and knowing yourself will help you find a more suitable partner. Your sense of identity is what is portrayed to other people. Let it shine through as much as you can and eventually, you’ll find the right match.

  1. Don’t Expect Too Much

Expectations are your enemy. In new relationships, expecting too much of the other person can scare them away and doom it before it gets off the ground. This is certainly true when you’re looking for a Christian partner.

When you start dating someone, it’s impossible to know how deep their faith runs. You’ll find this out with time, so you can’t inundate yourself with big expectations before you get to really know someone. That’s what leads to heartache.

Approach relationships with a good mix of caution, hopefulness, and faith that things will work out eventually, with this person or the next.

Christian Dating Tips Can Help You Find Love

While these Christian dating tips can help you find love, the big decisions are left up to you. You have to follow your heart when it comes to dating, but approach new people and situations with some skepticism. God will lead you in the right direction, so if you’ve got a gut feeling about someone, it’ll usually be right.

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