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How do I know if my foundation is bad?

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As a homeowner, you tend to notice every crack or change in your house. Was that there before? Is there a problem and should I be worried?

Foundation issues can cause serious problems for your home and repairs can be costly. It’s important to us that each foundation issue be properly diagnosed so you get the exact repair you need for a great, long-term solution.

Knowing how to spot the signs of a foundation problem will help you address it early and avoid larger damage.

Indoor Signs of Trouble 

  • Cracks in walls or ceiling

  • Uneven floors

  • Cracks in flooring

  • Sticky doors or windows

  • Gaps between walls and floors or around window frames

  • Cabinets or counters separating from wall

Outdoor Signs of Trouble

  • Cracks in foundation walls or brick

  • Sloping patio or areas around the perimeter of the house

  • Sagging roof line

  • Gap between a fireplace and house

A structural engineering inspection will properly identify exactly what is causing these symptoms. Our inspection process is designed to be thorough, so you get clear answers. From our inspection we will be able to advise the best repair for your foundation and provide contractor referrals to have the work done. Should your case need to involve litigation, we can provide excellent attorney referrals, Notice of Claim letter and even expert testimony if needed.

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