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What You Should Know About Walk-In Bath Tubs

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Baths are life-savers.

They soothe your muscles, hydrate your skin, and let you wind down after a hectic day. But not everybody has the luxury to enjoy a bath because not all of them are practical.

But that’s where a walk in bath comes in. Not sure what they are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is a Walk-In Bath Tub?

Walk in bathtubs are distinguishable because of their watertight door.

This helps the bather step into the bath over a low threshold safely. Once the door closes, the bath tub fills with water and when it’s drained, the bather opens the door and steps outside with no hassle.

Things to Consider When Buying a Walk-In Tub

Before you buy a walk in bath tub, take into consideration:


Walk-in bath showers come in many models. There are models taller than they are wide and it’s possible to find one that aligns with your situation and bathroom space.

For example, there are walk-in bath tubs with an easy transfer from a wheelchair to the bathtub seat where the entire front of the bath tub opens.  There are also models designed for lift use or for people with bariatric weight issues.


Many walk in bath tubs are acrylic which is made from a single, continuous piece of heat-molded acrylic. They’re low-maintenance, durable, and come in many designs. You’ll find acrylic in seats, headrests, and whirlpool jets.

Another option for your walk in bath tub is a gel coat. This is a polyester coating applied directly to the mold which is later sealed with a fiberglass mix.

Gel coat is lighter than acrylic and just as easy to clean. It’s weight handy if you live in a two-story home as there’s no additional support needed between the bath tub and the floor.

Benefits of Walk-In Bathtubs for Seniors

There are many advantages of a walk in bathtub shower for example, they’re designed to prevent slipping. Bathing becomes stress-free as there are handrails, seats, and textured pads to help users keep their heads above water.

Slipping is a major concern for seniors and the hospital cost for a fall injury is around $35,000. When searching for a walk-in bath tub, factor in the total costs and problems associated with falls. You’ll find a walk-in bath tub significantly reduces these risks.

Walk-in bath tubs also remove the need for a sliding shower door which isn’t practical for seniors. This is because many people may rely on these doors for stability or balance which is dangerous because the shower doors can’t withstand their weight.

Another benefit of installing a walk in bath tub is that it increases the value of your home, especially if you live in a retirement community.

Water Depth and Usage

Walk in bath tubs are deep and most designs let you fully immersive yourself in the water, letting you reap many hydrotherapy benefits.

But don’t let appearances fool you. Because walk-in bath tubs are taller than traditional bath tubs, you imagine they’d use more water but they actually use the same.

For example, the average bath tub uses 42 to 80 gallons of water whereas a walk in bath tub uses only 50 gallons. When you’re browsing walk in bath tubs, ensure the bath tub has a bigger water heater if needed. This way, you can enjoy the full benefits of a warm soak.

Works as a Shower Too

If you don’t have time for a deep soak, have a sit-down shower. Many walk in bath tubs have a faucet set with an extendable showerhead which you can hang on a riser rod.

Hydrotherapy Benefits of Walk in Bathtubs

Seniors and those are living with physical impairments often suffer from achy muscles, diabetes, arthritis or rheumatism. A soak in a bath tub is a great way to relieve the pain, but it’s stressful when your bath tub is difficult to access.

Hydrotherapy is a whole-body treatment that is therapeutic. It’s often done in pools where it’s possible to adjust the temperature, pressure, and movement of water depending on where you’re in pain.

This is the same for walk-in bath tubs as they offer excellent therapeutic relief because of whirlpool jets and colored ambiance so you feel further relaxed. This is because a warm water stream releases any tightness in your muscles and releases endorphins, our body’s natural painkillers.

Higher quality walk-in bath tubs also have built-in aromatherapy, chromotherapy and massage features too. Further, a walk-in bath tub can improve your overall circulation so you feel more mobile and reduce pain.

Before splurging on a walk-in bath tub for hydrotherapy uses, talk to your doctor as they may have medically appropriate systems especially for you.

Are Walk-In Bathtubs Expensive?

Before you search for the walk-in bath price, know that they’re affordable. This is because they’ve been around for a while and have evolved in terms of function, design, and aesthetics.

The price of your walk-in bathtub depends on its features and the brand. It also depends if you’re asking a company to install it for you, whether it’s specialized, and your geographic location.

Before making the purchase, ensure the brand upholds important safety and ADA guidelines so you know it’ll benefit your unique needs.

Which Walk in Bath Will You Get?

There are many benefits for investing in a walk in bath. Not only are they affordable but they’re easy to enter, maintain, and offer many features.

Many walk in baths have hydrotherapy features so you can soothe your muscles, improve circulation, and relax fully submerged. Enjoy!

Want to get your bathroom renovated? If so, we’d love to chat. Contact us here for more information.

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