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Features Every Family Car Should Have

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In case you are on the lookout for a new family car, and you would like to get the most value for your money, it is important that you decide which features you would like to get in the car. Below you will find a few pointers to help you choose the car not only you will enjoy, but the rest of the family will appreciate as well.


Kids are more reliant on technology than us, but we also need an advanced satellite navigation system to help us get around and find our way. Your family car will ideally have Wireless charging, built in WiFi, and the ability to connect to different devices without wires. When you go on a road trip with the kids, you want to keep them happy and entertained at the back.

Smart Console

The last thing you need when you are putting up with kids arguing or making a noise while you are driving is trying to figure out how to find your way around or how to change the settings on the car. Most of the latest models come with a smart display console that can be adjusted according to your needs. Cars like the Vauxhall Mokka X Griffin Plus come with loads of smart features, making your road trips and school runs more enjoyable.

Safety Feature

Kids are very good at giving us the scare, and you simply cannot stop them from doing things they are not supposed to. You need to check the safety features of your next car, including the seat belt warning, a camera that allows you to keep an eye on what they are up to without taking your eyes off the road, and a child lock as a minimum. It is also crucial that you can safely fix your child seat and keep your children safe.

Reverse Camera

There is nothing worse than dropping the kids off at school and trying to break up an argument while reversing out of the parking space. The good news is that some cars come with a reverse camera as standard, and you can get a 360 view of what is going on around your car, so you never miss a small child or a bike, no matter how much your little ones stressed you out.

Smart Storage

Kids love taking their gadgets and toys with them in the car. If you want to prevent your vehicle from looking like a small junk yard, you certainly need to choose a model with child-friendly interior features. The more bins you have in the cabin, the more your kids can fill and the less effort it will take to tidy up your seats when you are giving your vehicle a valet.

Choosing a family car is not as challenging as you would first think. You just need to ensure that you have all the features that keep you and your kids safe and happy on short and long journeys.

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