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Green Power Group PR, LLC Offers VFH Turbine™ To Generate Energy From Water Sources

Green Power Group PR, LLC has launched their VFH Turbine which helps generate energy from fluctuating water sources. This makes it easier for water to flow solely based on renewable energy. Their goal is to offer more energy solutions to emerging markets.


Buford, GA, November 21, 2022— Green Power Group PR, LLC is a Georgia-based renewable energy company that offers solutions to provide energy to developing and emerging markets. They’ve spent over ten years offering better solutions for generating energy while being environmentally friendly as well.

Now, Green Power Group PR has launched their VFH Turbine, which can generate up to 5 MW of energy from fluctuating water sources like pump stations, water treatment plants, industrial discharge, canals, pipelines, and small rivers worldwide. This allows them to provide energy to more markets without having to compromise on their environmental goals. It’s a hydroelectric turbine that offers better energy with less hassle than traditional energy sources or solar-powered technology.

The VFH Turbine takes up 150 square feet of space whereas the average solar option takes up 1 acre. The turbine can last up to 50 years whereas the average solar option only lasts 30 years. It’s a much more affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality. It remains efficient and stable even after 20 years of use.

The turbine is also weatherproof and has protection from hurricanes. One also doesn’t need a separate building or housing for the turbine’s battery. While solar options continue to grow in popularity, one can’t underestimate that the VFH Turbine is the superior option. One can only expect more regions to adopt these turbines to provide energy to their community.

As their representative, Josh Collins, COO stated: “At Green Power Group PR, LLC., we wanted to provide a solution to bring renewable energy solutions to emerging markets that struggle with maintaining energy. As we become more environmentally conscious, we want to find a way to protect the environment without compromising on high-quality energy. The VFH Turbine is that solution for developing regions and is far superior than the already popular solar solutions.”

If you wish to install the VFH Turbine for your region you can reach out to Green Power Group PR, LLC. today. They’ll start with a consultation session in which they discuss your region and how they’ll install the turbine. They’ll explain the step-by-step process on how the turbine will benefit your region. You’ll always have their team of engineers who can help maintain the turbine in case of any issues.

Green Power Group PR, LLC. will continue to be the leader in offering renewable energy technology to developing and emerging markets. If you want to install the VFH Turbine for your region they’re here to help.

About Green Power Group PR, LLC.:

Green Power Group PR, LLC. is a Georgian-based country that offers renewable energy technology and solutions to developing markets. The company is run by professionals with extensive experience working in the environmental industry. They’re happy to help you install the VFH Turbine in your area.


Contact Info:

Contact Name: Josh Collins, COO
Business Name: Green Power Group PR, LLC.
Address: 3276 Buford Dr., 104-300, Buford, GA 30519
Phone: 423-785-7005
Email: [email protected]

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