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Types of Outdoor Advertising: What Are Your Best Options?

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Looking to break out some traditional outdoor advertising for your business?

Despite the popularity of digital marketing, traditional advertising still works. For example, 71% of people pay attention to roadside billboards on their commute.

Read on to learn about the different types of outdoor advertising and how they can benefit your business!

1. Billboards and Banners

Billboard advertising is still very popular with business owners. This is especially true in high traffic areas with many highways.

The cost of billboard advertising varies based on the city, demographics, traffic, and impressions. In most small to medium sized US cities, costs are between $1500 to $4000.

In addition to billboards, banner ads are also an effective form of outdoor advertising. For outdoor advertising examples, you’ll often see vinyl banner ads at professional sports arenas, window sign displays, and local community events.

2. Transit Advertising

Transit advertising placements are most common on the sides of buses.

These types of outdoor ads are also seen in subway and metro stations, in train cars and taxis, and in airports.

Transit advertising is especially popular in densely populated cities with public transit, such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

3. Street Furniture

Street furniture outdoor ads are great for building awareness in high foot-traffic areas. You’ll see these ads in bus shelters, on park benches, telephone kiosks, and newsstands.

4. POS Displays

Point of sale (POS) display advertising is another out of home advertising example.

Most people will run into POS ads while shopping at grocery stores, restaurants, and department stores.

Point of sale ads often employ creative displays and imagery to encourage buyers to make a purchase right near the cash register.

These types of ads work particularly well by capturing customer attention with low-cost branded items, such as candy, chips, and soda.

5. Mobile Billboards

Similar to transit advertising, mobile billboards are a form of out of home advertising, where the ad is placed on the side of a truck or trailer.

This type of advertising can serve a dual purpose, as delivery trucks can be used for product launches, special displays, or event marketing.

6. Guerilla Advertising Outdoors

Guerilla advertising is an unconventional form of outdoor advertising.

It can be very creative and include tactics such as employing team members to pass out flyers, hold flash mob events, or open pop-up shops.

Outdoor guerilla advertising is only limited by your imagination. Start by locating where your ideal customers might be hanging out and build a campaign from there.

As a tame example, you could hand out promotional flyers or printed postcards outside of a concert or sporting event!

Which Types of Outdoor Advertising Are Right for You?

By taking into account the benefits of the six types of outdoor advertising listed above, you’re all set to decide which outdoor ads would most benefit your business!

Have you seen any awesome outdoor advertising examples? Has outdoor advertising helped your business? Let us know in the comments!

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