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Family Therapy Program In Oregon

When committing to rehabilitation or a mental disorder treatment program the recovery can be strenuous on not only you but your family as well. As treatment begins other stressors are introduced to the home dynamic with you either being gone from home at an inpatient rehab center or have the increased responsibilities of visiting an outpatient rehab center Oregon. Very ofter rehab centers offer family therapy programs that will offer counseling and therapy to all members of the family in order to heal as a unit. Family is a very pertinent part of the entire recovery process as it is the foundation of your support network and can be beneficial in being successful in rehab.

Best Oregon Family Therapy Program

A family therapy program must be administered by addiction treatment specialists and professionals in the counseling community that has ample experience with all sort of family dynamics so they can assure the best options for family therapy. When someone faces mental illness or addiction it can deteriorate the fabric of trust in a family, rebuilding the situation that been weakened by the stress and conflict that so often accompanies substance abuse can help work through addiction issues and restore order and expectations in a home.

What Happens in a Family Therapy Program?

In family therapy sessions it is important to bring multiple family members together. They discuss the specific patters and issues they face as a result of the illness. It is also recommended that family members who have been affected most by the addiction have individual therapy sessions with a separate therapist to work through the grief and conflict that they have experienced.

Through our family therapy program, you and your family will:

Learn to communicate effectively with each other, and to solve problems together

  • Look into your family structure, and discuss how the rules and relationships in your family have helped or hindered the patient’s recovery from substance abuse

  • Explore the extent to which there are any barriers to rehabilitation in your family

  • Identify, celebrate, and build on the strengths that your family provides as a support system for the person or people in need of that help

You Are Not Alone

If you are dealing with substance abuse, and need somewhere to turn, or if someone you love or who is a member of your family is suffering in this way, take the first step today. Sunstone Recovery Center Offers…

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If substance abuse has been tearing your family apart, it’s time to take your life back and find the right family therapy program for your needs.

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