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Wardrobe Essentials For 2021 And Beyond

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If you read a lot of fashion blogs, glossy magazines or have a general interest in the world of fashion you will have no doubt of heard of the phrase ‘capsule wardrobe’. It effectively came to life in response to the explosion of fast fashion.

Fast fashion saw high volumes of low-cost and attainable fashion items that were bought, worn, and then subsequently discarded on mass. In a very short space of time. Raising questions over the environmental impact of producing, shipping, and then discarding so much clothing and material.

In answer to this more and more environmentally and economy-conscious fashionistas started jumping on the latest fashion buzzword and began to create capsule wardrobes. Essentially this is where you build up a wardrobe with a few high-quality, timeless pieces that can be worn and reused year after year, in spite of changing fashion trends. Over recent years, however, there has, once again, been a subtle shift in the everyday approach to fashion, with buyers opting for a more hybrid approach between the capsule wardrobe and fast fashion. Striking a balance between changing trends and clothing that lasts.

As such, here are some wardrobe essentials that will see you on-trend in 2021 and beyond. Pieces that you can pay for now and still reap the benefit from in years to come.

Luxe sweats

2020 and subsequently 2021 have seen a monumental shift in fashion. 2020 became the year everybody stayed home and ditched glam for comfort and this shows little sign of going anywhere. New lifestyles bought about by the pandemic have had a huge impact on the way you dress in 2021. In fact, 2021 has seen tremendous demand for loungewear and luxe sweats that can be worn in and out of the house and even to the office. All hail the latest fashion trend that puts comfort first but doesn’t discard style. Online fashion retailers and loungewear brands have really capitalized on luxe loungewear. You can rest assured that it is here to stay, so be sure to invest in some staple, comfortable pieces for your wardrobe, and should there come a time where it is no longer acceptable out of the house, you can still lounge around in style and comfort behind closed doors.

The trusty blazer

The blazer has played a part in wardrobes for years and this isn’t about to change any time soon. If the lines have blurred when it comes to wearing your loungewear out of the house it stands to reason the lines will be just as blurred when it comes to wearing the work-based power blazer on your latest night out or for coffee with friends. Whether oversized, buttoned, or shoulder-padded you can be confident that the blazer is a fashion must-have for 2021 and beyond that can be worn to any occasion, dressed up or dress down.


Adding jewelry can really change an outfit. It can transform outfits you’ve worn countless times and make them look and feel completely new and different. Jewelry is a great addition to add variety and longevity to a capsule wardrobe. Here are some ways you can utilize Dreamland jewelry to change your outfit;

  • Make your outfit more sophisticated by adding delicate layered necklaces.
  • Soften masculine boyfriend shirts and jeans by adding feminine bracelets, chains, or delicate rings.
  • Add hoop earrings to make the most casual of outfits stand out.
  • Use small dainty layered rings to add a youthful touch to your outfit.
  • Unify your outfit and style by wearing matching set jewelry. This approach works especially well when wearing evening gowns, power suits, or your latest night-out ensemble.
Skinny jeans are out

Skinny jeans have been a wardrobe staple for a long, long time but they have finally had their day. Keeping in line with comfort first there has been a shift from the tight and unforgiving denim of 2017 to high rise, straight-legged, loose denim. Distressed denim and ‘mom jeans’ are also holding their own in 2021 and will have a stronghold in any wardrobe. What is more, these flattering jeans are not only on-trend and comfortable they pair up beautifully with the aforementioned must-have blazer.

Simple white sneaker

Not venturing too far from the comfort theme, simple, elegant white sneakers will be money well spent this year. They have been teamed up with dresses long and short, wide-legged trousers, and of course the straight-legged denim. Classic, white and understated are the key considerations when choosing your must-have white sneakers.

The two-piece

Whether summer or winter the two-piece has made its mark on 2021, coming in ever so slightly behind loungewear. Storefronts are currently full of brightly colored summer co-ords. Summer has seen the rise of matching co-ords made up of wide-legged high-rise shorts teamed up with matching short-lengthed jackets with a padded shoulder. Whereas the winter-friendly version welcomes longed sleeved but short-lengthed crop tops or knitwear paired with high-waisted matching skirts or straight pants.

Chunky sandals and chunky boots

If sneakers are all about understated elegance, sandals, and boots of 2021 are over the top and in your face. 2021 has seen sandals revert back to the 90s with chunky black strappy sandals and a thick platformed sole being the must-have sandal this summer. Needless to say, these sandals really complete the 2021 summer co-ord look above. But, with one eye on winter, you can rest assured that your winter co-ord will be perfectly matched with an elevated chunky winter boot this fall. These boots can also be effortlessly teamed up with skirts, dresses, and loose ankle-length denim for the most on-trend look of 2021.

Cashmere sweater

Whatever the year if there is one item that you can consider an investment, one item that you know you will be able to wear year in year out, be it 2021 or 2031 it is the ever-reliable and ever-fashionable cashmere sweater. Cashmere is generally known as one of the big-ticket items that can be quite costly and difficult to wash. But contrary to popular belief cashmere is not dry clean only and any money you spend on buying that cashmere sweater will stand the test of time when you can wear it every year. You truly can chalk it up to an investment piece. What is more, a cashmere sweater is versatile and can be worn with skirts, denim, wide-legged trousers, under blazers, big coats, or by itself. Cashmere sweaters are practical, fashionable, and comfortable, everything that 2021 fashion has been about.


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