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ExitCertified Virtual Cloud Summit Presents New Cloud Computing Strategies and Technologies

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ExitCertified presents a Virtual Cloud Summit to help organizations and IT professionals further understand and adopt various cloud technologies. The summit will feature speakers from different vendors who will share the latest trends and business strategies that are simplifying the cloud.

The cloud is continuing to change the way we do business, and newer technologies are making it more simple, economical and more efficient. Companies are expanding their cloud technologies to remain current in their industries and become more efficient. Gartner predicts the cloud will exceed 45% of all enterprise IT spending by 2026.

Various sessions will help attendees understand the newest and most popular cloud technologies and the skills that are needed to operate them.

Below is a list of sessions that will be covered at the event:

Google Cloud: Key Trends to Develop a Successful Multi-Cloud Strategy

Eric Lam, Head of Cloud FinOps, Google

Cloud-native platforms are becoming the foundation for the majority of new digital initiatives across enterprises, and multi-cloud is often included in today’s cloud platform strategies. In a high-level overview of the cloud adoption trends in the industry, we’ll review the four key trends that can greatly impact your technology strategy, from building innovative software with managed services and containers to deploying a multi-cloud strategy using Google Cloud technologies.

Learn about the following topics:

  • The attributes of next-generation cloud-native applications
  • The key components of a multi-cloud strategy
  • The four trends in building innovative software in the cloud

Transform your Organization with the Right Cloud Training

Victor Torgrimson, Director of Education Delivery Operations, ExitCertified (Tech Data)

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To reap the full benefits of the cloud, your IT department needs to be well trained on multiple cloud technologies to keep pace with growing demands. Sourcing and coordinating training across vendors is complex and time-consuming. However, ExitCertified provides a continuous cycle of customer consultations, skill assessments and both vendor-authorized and open-source training from award-winning instructors for virtually any technology — and a single point of contact. This session will help you understand how to minimize your skills gap and accelerate your cloud transformation.

Leveraging an Open Hybrid Cloud Strategy with Red Hat

Robert Locke, Senior Solutions Architect, NA GLS, Red Hat

Wesley Urquhart, Associate Solutions Architect, NA Training, Red Hat

Discover how adopting an Open Hybrid Cloud strategy across your technology ecosystem can enable the speed and agility everyone is after, in a stable and secure fashion, using a variety of tools that are built to run wherever they’re needed.

In this session, we’ll show you how you can give your team a stable operating environment, while running and managing infrastructures and applications from anywhere.

Discover the following skills and knowledge needed for a successful hybrid cloud environment:

  • Industry trends that support the need for a scalable, reliable and flexible IT ecosystem
  • Best ways to implement secure cloud, application, and management platforms to deploy and manage workloads across multiple infrastructures
  • Hybrid cloud strategies that help companies realize their business needs
  •  Tools you can use that run anywhere and enable your organization to use technologies across bare metal, virtual, private, and public cloud environments.

The Value & Challenges of Cloud Native Technology

Shaun O’Meara, Global Field CTO and Head of Product, Mirantis

Cloud native technologies are how, in the future, most businesses will deploy applications. Understanding how to use cloud native technologies and how they bring value to your business can help solve both IT and business issues.

During this talk, attendees will gain the following insights:

  • The business benefits of adopting cloud native technologies
  • The barriers to cloud native adoption and practical solutions

The Most Important New Skills Developers Should Have: Serverless

Myles Brown, Senior Cloud & DevOps Advisor, ExitCertified (Tech Data)

As organizations move beyond “lift-and-shift” cloud architectures, they look for ways to get more out of their cloud investment. Serverless architectures offer the promise of greater scalability, more flexibility, and a faster time to release software applications, all at a reduced cost.

But serverless technologies like AWS Lambda, Azure functions and Google Cloud functions come with their own unique challenges. Developers looking to be well rounded in the cloud need serverless skills in Function as a Service (FaaS) yet need to be aware of the tradeoffs it involves. This session will outline the benefits and drawbacks of FaaS.

In this session you’ll learn about the following topics:

  • What is serverless?
  • What are the FaaS (or fPaaS) offerings from the big three cloud vendors?
  • Why are organization choosing serverless?
  • What should developers be wary of when adopting serverless?
  • How should developers hone their serverless skills?

Beyond Lift-n-Shift: Extracting Real Value from the Cloud with IBM

James Belton, Technical Leader, IBM Center for Cloud Training, IBM

Don’t be fooled into thinking lift-and-shift is the end of your cloud journey. Enterprises are now thinking of ways to modernize their applications and transform their cloud model to drive agility and innovation. This session will help you explore the next steps in your cloud modernization journey. You’ll look at the importance of cloud native services, learn about hybrid and multi-cloud architecture, hear how education plays a part in your cloud journey and how IBM Cloud can help.

In this session, we’ll answer these questions:

  • What are the next steps in your cloud journey beyond lift-and-shift?
  • What is the importance of cloud native technologies?
  • How does IBM see the future? Will it be serverless or dominated by containers?
  • How does IBM support hybrid and multi-cloud architectures?
  • What’s next on the horizon for cloud?

How to Fail at Cloud Transformation

Ken Krueger, Senior Technical Instructor, ExitCertified (Tech Data)

The cloud promises cost savings, flexibility, agility and security, but some organizations fail to achieve these goals. Delivering IT training courses to hundreds of students each week gives us a unique visibility into self-inflicted obstacles that organizations face. We’ll look at what these organizations are doing that is preventing them from transforming their cloud practices.

The ExitCertified Virtual Cloud Summit is intended for IT professionals, business managers and executives, and L&D teams and will be presented live Tuesday, April 26 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT.

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