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Best Electric Scooters For Commuting – All You Need to Know

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Fears had been implanted in everyone’s heart by the health crisis, and more people are wanting electric scooter commuting instead of public transport.

Commuting through the use of public transportation may not be a practical option considering the “health risk” involved.

Using your own car can be considered as the safest alternative way of commuting to work, but you would be shouldering a high cost for its maintenance.

It is now the right time to weigh and look for the best possible solutions that you can have in your mode of transportation.

A noticeable growing number of people have resorted to environmental-friendly and low maintenance mode of transportation, and that is electric scooter commuting.

Different Types of Scooters for Commuting

Amazingly you would see that there are a variety of types of a scooter in the market.

Each type has distinct features that suit the lifestyle and needs for you, the rider.

It may not be a customized or tailored fit for you, but surely you can find a scooter that can perfectly fit your electric scooter commuting needs.

Let me walk you through the different types of scooters in the market.

Ninebot Segway G30 Max (best overall)

This is ideal for commuting for work within the vicinity of an urban area and can be used for long travels.

it’s not the most lightweight scooter as it weighs around 18kg, which can be carried around when folded up.

Although at 18kgs I wouldn’t want to carry it for long.

It has a 36V battery powering a 350W motor that has the capability to speed up to 15 mph and can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge.

The mileage is more than appropriate enough to get you to your work.

With LED front and rear lights, and side reflectors, you’ll easily be seen at night by other vehicles on the road.

Xiaomi M365 Pro (most popular)

The most popular electric scooter will has proved to be a sure hit for many.

Undeniably this electric scooter came from the lineage of Xiaomi that gave us smartphones and different types of electronics.

This electric scooter has a smartphone app that gives you the power to control and, at the same time, view the stats of your ride.

The design itself has been conceptualized to infuse modernity with its aerospace aluminum black accentuated with red accents.

In a single charge which can take up to five hours, this electric scooter can travel around 18.5 miles with a top speed of 15.5 mph.

The 42 V battery powers a 250W motor.

It has safety features such as having a front headlight, rear brake lights, and reflection notification lights.

Pure Air (short commutes)

Another very popular electric scooter is the Pure Air.

There are two reasons for this, one is the price, and secondly is the waterproof.

Because Pure Air’s are built for British weather, they are more reliable than those that aren’t.

I, myself have a Pure Air, and on a average run I can get a solid 13.5 miles out of it every time.

This is usually in the second speed mode out of the three.

A 250W motor is powered by a 36 V battery, which surprisingly can take well to some inclines.

15.5 mph is the top speed, and the Pure Air has excellent lighting, including front and rear LED’s with side reflectors.

Inokim Ox (best all in one)

This scooter is like the final boss of all the scooters combined.

It has the capabilities for everything you need, whatever your commute is.

It has a claimed range of 59 miles, and can go up to 29mph.

Not to mention it has a 1000W motor that’s powered by a 60 V battery.

As you can see from the picture, if your commute is off road, it’ll have no problem with that with it’s unique suspension.

Although it is double the price of the Ninebot Segway G30 Max, it has all you need, for a short commute, long commute, on road or off road commute.

It literally does have it all there for you, whatever you need.

Final Words

Everyone has different needs for electric scooter commuting.

Whether it’s for more of a local use, or if you’ve got to travel a longer distance, there’s a scooter for everyone.

There are factors for everyone looking to buy an electric scooter, including miles you need to travel each day, the speed you’d like to go, the overall performance and capabilities of an electric scooter.

And of course, pricing, so it’s best to always look around too, if none of the above appeal to you.

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