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AnyDesk Pricing Comparison

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AnyDesk recently changed their pricing and packages. Here’s a look at AnyDesk’s pricing and how you can save by choosing Splashtop instead.

AnyDesk vs Splashtop Price

AnyDesk recently removed the AnyDesk Performance package, which cost $19.90/month, and replaced it with a similar AnyDesk Standard package that starts at $29.90/month, a starting price increase of over 50%!

If you’re looking for an AnyDesk alternative that delivers the performance, reliability, and security you need, all at a better cost than AnyDesk, then look no further than Splashtop.

Like AnyDesk, Splashtop offers different packages based on your use case. In each case, Splashtop comes out as the better deal, saving you up to 40% or more on your annual subscription cost.

Wondering how much AnyDesk costs and how it stacks up against Splashtop? Here’s a look at the starting AnyDesk price for each AnyDesk package and how it compares vs similar Splashtop solutions.

AnyDesk Pricing Comparisons

For individual remote computer access

Starting Price (monthly)

  • AnyDesk Solo – $14.90
  • Splashtop Business Access – $8.25

Individuals and small teams looking for a remote access solution to enable remote working can save up to 40% or more by choosing Splashtop instead of AnyDesk.

With Splashtop Business Access, you’ll be able access your computers from any device, from anywhere. You’ll also get the top features you need such as file transfer, remote printing, chat, remote wake-on-LAN, remote reboot, session recording, multi-monitor support, and more!

For an attended remote access solution for IT teams

Starting Price (monthly)

  • AnyDesk Standard – $29.90
  • Splashtop SOS – $17.00

Save up to 40% or more when you choose Splashtop SOS for your remote support needs. Like AnyDesk Standard, Splashtop SOS gives you attended access to any device to provide support, and comes equipped with all the top remote support features.

For attended & unattended access for larger teams with additional business needs

Starting Price (monthly)

  • AnyDesk Advanced – $79.90
  • Splashtop SOS Unlimited – $34.00

Splashtop SOS Unlimited gives you both attended access to unlimited devices, and anytime unattended access to an unlimited number of managed computers (AnyDesk Advanced only lets you manage up to 1,000 devices).

Choosing Splashtop SOS Unlimited instead of AnyDesk Advanced can save you up to 50% or more on your annual subscription cost!

AnyDesk Cost Too Much? Get Splashtop

Individuals, businesses, and educational organizations prefer Splashtop over AnyDesk for more reasons than just pricing.

Splashtop performs better than AnyDesk and has all the top features needed for remote working, IT support, remote management, and more. In fact, Splashtop is recognized by TrustRadius as leader in remote access and support 2023, recognized for Best Value, Best Relationship, Best Feature Set, and Best Software.

You’ll get a highly secure, top-performing solution with better customer service when you choose Splashtop. See our full comparison on why Splashtop is the best AnyDesk alternative.

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