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Emerging Concepts 2022 ICSC Recon Conference Report on Social Entertainment and Restaurant Concepts


Chicago, IL, June 1, 2022 – Here is a conference update on some of the concepts partnered with Emerging Concepts.   Emerging Concepts is a strategic real estate partner with today’s leading restaurant and entertainment concepts.

Flight Club

  • Flight Club is under construction in Las Vegas at Palazzo on the premier corner of Las Vegas Strip and Sands Ave for the 2022 opening.  They are also under construction at Star Metals in vibrant West Midtown Atlanta with a 10,000-square-foot, two-story space.
  • Flight Club has shaken up the bar and hospitality industry by reinventing the classic pub game of darts in one of the most unique venues. Flight Club is built around a modern-age version of darts. The concept deploys digital technology to enable automatic scoring and allows for multi-player games with groups from 6to 400 people.  Flight Clubs utilize tech developed from missile guidance systems for governments.
  • With successful openings in Chicago, Boston, and Houston Flight Club is also actively working on sites in DC, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Toronto, Phoenix, and more. 5,500- 10,000 SF

City Winery

  • City Winery is building its success with a robust pipeline in 2022 and 2023.   It’s an intimate premier venue, restaurant, and winery with live music, comedy, and wine events.
  • Michael Dorf, founder, and CEO are attempting to create the perfect setting to share with friends your passion for wine, music, and great food.  City Winery believes strongly that the design and set-up of the physical space, which combines the wine country vibe in an urban setting and sets the stage for their unique customer experience.
  • City Winery ended 2021 with 12 operational locations. The Company will soon have 16 venues, adding Grand Central Station NYC St. Louis, Pittsburgh,  and Columbus,  City Winery will have 20+ future venues by 2026 including Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Denver, Toronto, and London.  10-30,000 SF

Sandbox VR

  • Sandbox VR offers a socially immersive gaming experience that provides players a unique combination of full-body motion capture and VR technologies that enable them to become anyone and go anywhere.  Using new-gen Hollywood motion capture cameras, 3D precision full-body trackers, and those nifty feedback suits, it creates an experience of touch, vibration, and motion for the wearer.
  • Sandbox VR’s funding was led by Andreessen Horowitz and includes investors Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, and Kevin Durant. Andreessen Horowitz has also solidified its place as one of Silicon Valley’s most well-known and sought-after venture firms that backs bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology.
  • Sandbox VR, which has more than a dozen locations worldwide and opening soon Atlanta, Ft Worth, Dallas, Montreal, and many more under negotiations nationally.    5-6,000 SF


  • Puttshack is continuing tremendous expansion with conversations in Cleveland, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Columbus, Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, and many others.
  • The first two US units opened in 2021 at Atlanta West Midtown and Chicago Oakbrook Center which are far surpassing sales projections.
  • Puttshack is changing the game of miniature golf. Combining innovative technologies, award-winning design, and premium food and beverage service, the traditional family activity transforms into an unprecedented social entertainment concept.  Puttshack was created by the founders of Top Golf, Steven and Dave Jolliffe, and leader of social entertainment, Adam Breeden.  Puttshack has a tremendous pipeline of flagship locations and will open 12 units in 2023.   Puttshack recently signed deals in Philadelphia, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Denver. 25-30,000 SF

Museum of Ice Cream

  • Museum of Ice Cream is opening in Chicago and Singapore this summer and actively expanding with flagship sites.  Chicago’s Museum of Ice Cream is Opening July 16, with over 60,000 pre-booked tickets. World-famous ice cream attraction in NYC and Austin.
  • A multi-sensory experience with immersive installations that reimagine the way we experience ice cream. Museum of Ice Cream brings to life the universal power of ice cream by creating experiences that inspire imagination, helping to rediscover the kid in you.
  • Museum of Ice Cream is currently focused on Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Washington DC, and Boston.  13-20,000 SF

Formula 1 Arcade

  • Formula 1 and Adam Breeden have partnered up to create a new concept F1 Arcade, a Formula 1 racing simulation experience. Formula 1 has taken an equity stake in the new venture, and through the exclusive, long-term partnership, as many as 30 venues will be rolled out worldwide in the next five years.
  • Adam Breeden, co-founder of Puttshack, Flight Club, and Bounce formed an exclusive partnership with Formula 1.  The F1 Arcade is an immersive, state-of-the-art F1 racing simulation experience, gamified for a mass audience in a premium venue with best-in-class hospitality and design.
  • The first one opening in London, Q4 2022 and opening in the US in 2023.  Currently working on several targeted US Cities that will have the first site in North America.  15-17,000 SF


  • Federales just opened in Dallas Deep Ellum May 9th, joining units in Denver Rino and Chicago West Loop.
  • Federales is a lofty, open-air tequila and taco concept with an energetic atmosphere. Centered around authentic drinks, creative tacos, and an urban modern industrial vibe, it’s the go-to bar for guests looking to have a great time and memorable experience. The design is described as “modern industrial” with 2,700 square feet of patio space outside and a retractable roof indoors creating an indoor/outdoor urban oasis.
  • Federales will have a couple of new openings in 2023.   Federales data-backed expansion is identifying trending neighborhoods that represent their customer.  10-12,000 SF

Flagship Restaurant Group

  • Flagship Restaurant Group continues to innovate with the recent opening of three dynamic concepts of Palma, Ghost Donkey, and Cham Pang Lanes to their existing portfolio of well-known Blue Sushi.
  • Flagship Restaurant Group now owns and operates more than 30 restaurants around the country.  Ghost Donkey is in partnership with AvroKo Hospitality Group.   Also adding another concept in Phoenix next year with Pyro, which will feature an open flame for its menu with sustainably sourced seafood and proteins.
  • Flagship has 10 more sites in development in more than a dozen markets with Blue Sushi, Plank, Pyro, Palma, and Ghost Donkey in Phoenix, Chicago, Nashville, Denver, Austin, Kansas City, Houston, Omaha, Birmingham, and others.  4,500-10,000 SF

Motherclub and

  • Motherclub is getting closer to its first US opening with their discussions and negotiations in Las Vegas, Texas, and others.  They are expanding two of their multiple concepts in the US, from London, including Smoky Barrels and Sixes Cricket.
  • Smoky Barrels is the world’s first Virtual Hunting & Bar concept bringing the best of BBQ, whiskey, and scotch. Cutting-edge Swedish technology transforms the traditional sport of hunting into a never seen simulation game, transporting you to a shoot in the Scottish Highlands.
  • Sixes Cricket is inspired by the age-old game and all its ceremonies, Sixes Cricket Club invites challengers to test their cricket skills against some of the world’s greatest players whilst enjoying the very finest of British Gastro Pub-inspired food and drinks.  4- 6,000 SF

Bottleneck Management

  • Bottleneck Management is focused on expanding City Works with its footprint in existing markets and nearby surrounding cities.
  • City Works is an upbeat restaurant and ultimate sports bar that offers the perfect combination of the best beer bars and upscale restaurants. Along with 90 local and global craft beers on draft and an American menu featuring familiar favorites with a unique twist in a casual environment.
  • City Works existing markets include Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, Ft Worth, and Boston.      6,500- 7,500 SF

Electric Gamebox

  • Electric Gamebox is having great success with opening the 6th US location this May in Rancho Cucamonga.  Cofounders Will Dean and David Spindler,  also the faces behind the Tough Mudder obstacle race,  are building Electric Gamebox brand with plans to add 100 new spots by 2024 and 1,000 by 2026.
  • Electric Gamebox delivers an immersive team adventure inside the world’s smartest room. Enter an interactive digital “Gamebox” featuring projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound to enjoy a hyper-immersive 30 or 60- minute experience.
  • Electric Gamebox is expanding in major markets with a strategy that includes regional malls but it’s an experience that is expansive to urban streets, theaters, and high traffic destinations.  2,200-3,300 SF

Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen

  • Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen is anticipating opening at Fashion Mall at Keystone in Indianapolis.
  • Doc B’s continues to be a favorite in Chicago, Miami, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, Dallas, Ft Worth, and Austin.   Craig Bernstein, owner started his career with Hillstone Restaurant Group, then created Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen in Chicago in 2013.
  • Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen was established to become an extension of your own kitchen.
  • Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen partners with local farmers and small best-in-class purveyors, incorporating the highest-quality ingredients in all our homemade dishes.   Feedback is often centered around some extra heart and finesse applied to every element of the menu that puts it firmly into slam-dunk territory.
  • Doc B’s expansion is focused on existing markets and expansion in Southeast U.S.  5-6,000 SF

Emerging Concepts

Emerging Concepts is the real estate division of EMERGING.  We are a strategic real estate partner with today’s leading restaurant and entertainment concepts. Our clients are highly selective with their growth and require a great understanding of their concepts. We are passionate about our relationships and concepts that impact our quality of life and environment.


We coordinate the execution of your business strategies in real estate, supply chain, data science, finance, and labor providing you with an unprecedented value from one platform. By continuously benchmarking your growth, we identify problems and opportunities sooner to ensure you hit your short and long-term goals.

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