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Dr. Gary Donovitz, Founder of Biote, Provides Public Apology to Dr. Terri Deneui & Dan Deneui of Evexias Health Solutions


SOUTHLAKE, Texas, May 26, 2022 – People who pursue hormone replacement therapy are seeking a happier, healthier life. The goal of practitioners who offer hormone pellet therapy is to provide healing to their patients and positively impact patient lives. When EVEXIAS Health Solutions and its pellet therapy program, EvexiPEL®, emerged on the scene in the spring of 2018, BioTE responded with what EVEXIAS determined was legal harassment and false claims. Their actions—totaling seven lawsuits against the brand—stirred up unnecessary issues that prohibited more patients from receiving this life-changing therapy and impacted the industry as a whole.

As multiple lawsuits were filed and litigated between BioTE, EHS, and the DeNeuis, Dr. Terri DeNeui, Founder of EVEXIAS Medical Centers and Chief Medical Officer of EVEXIAS Health Solutions, commented, “The stress of prolonged persecution is difficult to describe, but we remained dedicated to what the industry will gain from our efforts and the vast benefits to patients and practitioners utilizing the EvexiPEL Method of Hormone Pellet Therapy.”

That perseverance paid off.  Despite these struggles, EVEXIAS Health Solutions is emerging as a leader in the industry and gaining a strong foothold in the market by helping tens of thousands of patients to date reclaim their health and vitality with EvexiPEL.

After years of legal battle, a resolution of all litigation was reached, which included Dr. Gary Donovitz providing a public apology:

“The litigation between BioTE Medical and the Evexias / FarmaKeio Parties has settled to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. Certain litigation positions were taken, which the DeNeuis object as being factually inaccurate, that caused anguish and suffering for Dr. Terri DeNeui and Dan DeNeui. Dr. Donovitz apologizes for any pain or mental anguish that his litigation positions may have caused Dr. Terri DeNeui and Dan DeNeui. Dr. Donovitz wishes the DeNeuis and their companies continued success.”

Chief Executive Officer of EXEXIAS Health Solutions Dan DeNeui responded to the resolution, stating, “The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but the truth shall set you free! We honored the mission and focused on what this therapy can do for patients and medical providers. Now, without the distraction of costly legal fees, we will continue to accomplish our mission more expeditiously.”


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EVEXIAS PR & Communications
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