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5 Car Gadgets You Shouldn’t Be Driving Without

Think your car comes with everything you need right off the lot? Think again. These car gadgets are sure to improve your driving experience and your budget.

There are hundreds of capabilities you’d love that are unavailable in standard models. But upgrading your vehicle at the dealership costs thousands of dollars.

In 2018, car gadgets are more than add-ons. They take your modern car into the future world of driving.

Digital Trends says, “In our digital age, there are hundreds of gadgets to enhance our daily driving experience and help us streamline our day-to-day tasks.”

Why wait for 2020? With car gadgets, the best of future driving is here today.

5 Essential Car Gadgets for the Future Driver

You don’t have to be a technology buff to be a ‘future driver.’ The best gadgets are simple enough for anyone to use. If you feel there’s something missing in your driving experience, there is sure to be a gadget for it.

It’s time to improve the efficiency, safety, and enjoyment of your driving. We’ve selected five of the best gadgets for you to get started.

1. Dedicated GPS Navigation Device

Dedicated GPS navigation may seem outdated. But you’d be surprised what you’re missing by using your mobile device.

First, your phone wasn’t designed for navigation. Smartphone screens are small, and they often overheat. Receiving a call or even tapping your device can drop navigation as well.

Dedicated devices don’t have these problems. Without all of the backend processes of smartphones, they’re much more responsive as well.

2. Dashboard Camera (Dash Cam)

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular. There are two main reasons: security and liability.

If you have a break in, a dash cam will record what happens inside the car and out. Dash cams will also film an accident, providing evidence that holds up in court.

3. OBD2 Scanner

An OBD2 scanner is the most common-sense car gadget on the market. These scanners communicate with your car’s onboard computer to identify problems in the system. Who wouldn’t want that in their car?

Not all OBD2 scanners are made equal. You can compare best selling OBD2 scanners to find the device that’s right for you.

4. Mifold

Child seats aren’t on the top of every car gadget enthusiast’s list. But if you have kids, wouldn’t you like the safest, simplest, most ergonomic car seats in the back?

The Mifold is an advanced, compact booster seat. It’s a high performer in child safety. And it’s ten times smaller than a regular booster seat, so no more strained backs for Mom or Dad.

5. The Smart Wheel

The Smart Wheel is one of the coolest gadgets on the market. This smart steering wheel prevents distracted driving, one of the greatest dangers to drivers and pedestrians alike.

The device snaps onto just about any steering wheel. It detects distracted habits and warns the driver of the danger.

You can even track your driving habits by connecting to your smartphone. Build an improvement plan based on the results. It’s the best non-human copilot you’ve ever had.

Drive Your Brand Forward

The world of car gadgets is a crowded market. But successful brands are distinguishing themselves in these five areas all the time. Think Garmin.

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