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Overcoming Unprecedented Times by Outsourcing Laboratory Supplies

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Overcoming Unprecedented Times by Outsourcing Laboratory Supplies

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused laboratory supply shortages all around the world. As the demand for tests and vaccines has skyrocketed, labs have found it more difficult to get hold of supplies. Anything plastic, as well as any form of cold storage, has become a rare and expensive commodity in the scientific community.

If your laboratory has been struggling to find the tools it needs to keep up, you’re not alone. More and more laboratories are outsourcing their laboratory supplies, freeing up time and resources for their vital work.

Do you want easier access to the supplies your laboratory needs? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how outsourcing can help you stay on track in these unprecedented times.

Why Outsource Laboratory Supplies?

At first glance, outsourcing may seem like a risky prospect. Can you really trust an external supplier to deliver the goods and services you need?

For businesses across the world, the answer is an enthusiastic yes! Here are a few of the benefits outsourcing supplies can bring to your laboratory.

Cost Efficiency

For laboratories operating within strict funding constraints, cost management is critical. The shortages caused by the pandemic have led to spiraling costs, jeopardizing research and career milestones for scientists everywhere.

A third-party laboratory supplier can help by negotiating lower prices for your supplies. Suppliers know and understand the market and can bring that knowledge to bear during procurement. That means lower costs for your laboratory without any compromise on the quality of supplies.

Time Efficiency

Sourcing laboratory supplies can take time. You need to research to find the best products for your lab, then investigate the best supplier – and that’s all before you actually place the order.

When you outsource, you hand over all that work to a company that understands the industry. They’re equipped to find what you need quickly and efficiently. Your laboratory will enjoy shorter lead times on supply delivery, even with the pandemic putting pressure on supply chains.

Data and Insight

A third-party supplier can offer valuable data on supply chains, as well as insight into what the data means. Your laboratory can use that information to stay ahead of any problems in supply. That means you can plan ahead to accommodate potential shortages or delays.

Working with a supplier will enable your laboratory to hit targets and meet client demands with confidence. You can stay ahead of changing market conditions and use that advantage to get ahead of any competition.

Long-Term Maintenance

You depend on your equipment to deliver results, and keeping maintenance and repairs in-house can be more cost effective. The right supplier will not only find equipment for you at a great price – they’ll help you maintain and repair it over time.

A contract for repairs and preventative maintenance can maximize your equipment’s uptime. It’s an easy way to increase your laboratory’s efficiency.

What to Consider When Outsourcing

As you can see, outsourcing comes with a wealth of benefits for any laboratory. But working with the wrong provider can introduce new problems. How can you make sure you find the right supplier for your needs?

Here are some important factors to consider as you outsource your laboratory supplies.


Whatever your laboratory does, you need a supply company that understands. Whether it’s manufacturing, testing, or research, the right supplier will know your industry inside-out.

That experience is key to providing you with the efficient service you need, from timely deliveries to high-quality equipment. Make sure you choose a supplier with proven success in your field.


Supplies are the lifeblood of a laboratory. Unfortunately, some suppliers will try to cut corners by using wide-specification replacement parts instead of the specific parts and supplies you need. While this can save money in the short term, it will create long-term problems for your lab.

Look for a service provider with a commitment to quality. It may cost a little more, but the results you can deliver will be worth it.


Even in 2022, the pandemic continues to disrupt global supply chains. You need a supplier whose systems are resilient enough to handle upheaval.

You should look for a supplier with a proven track record of delivering on time. They should be able to get repair technicians out to you promptly if you need them, and they should be able to honor any commitments they make.


There are two major factors in determining the cost of lab services. One is the direct cost of laboratory supplies and maintenance. The other is the indirect costs incurred by equipment downtime, shipping delays, and other factors which can slow productivity in a lab.

Usually, spending more money up-front means savings in the long term. Higher quality equipment and more reliable maintenance services will offset the risks of downtime and delay.

But each laboratory has its own budget, and you need to find a supplier that will balance up-front costs with your long-term maintenance needs.

Finding the Right Supplier

As you search for the right partner to outsource laboratory supplies, why not consider MarathonLS?

We offer an amazing range of quality laboratory products; all delivered to you via our stable, reliable supply chain. We also offer lab services, including repair and preventative maintenance, so you won’t be caught off-guard by unexpected downtime. All our plans have flexibility built-in, so you can tailor our services to your laboratory’s needs.

Most importantly, communication is at the heart of everything we do. You’ll always know what to expect from our services, and we’ll never leave you wondering where we are.

Contact MarathonLS, and let’s talk about what we can do for your laboratory.

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