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Doctors of Cannabis: A Growing Business

From humble beginnings in Oklahoma, Doctors of Cannabis has expanded into other states. They now have access to hundreds of physicians throughout the United States to serve patients throughout the country.


Lawton, OK, May 10, 2022— One of the fastest growing industries in the nation is medical marijuana. In recent years the market has exploded with the increasing legalization.

Doctors of Cannabis is one company that has exponentially grown alongside the industry. The company initially began in Oklahoma and has since rapidly expanded, serving patients in over 20 states.

“It is really incredible to see our services helping more and more people every year,” said one  medical marijuana doctor.

Doctors of Cannabis serves to find medical solutions for their patients through the use of medical marijuana. Studies are finding an increasing amount of benefits to marijuana, and as a result, it is being utilized more and more.

The online medical marijuana doctor uses medical marijuana for chronic pain, glaucoma, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, cancer, ALS, HIV/AIDS, and much more.

The physicians at Doctors of Cannabis use the most modern practices to ensure you receive the best care possible.

“I was about to give up with my anxiety, but thanks to the doctors I found medical marijuana works wonders for me,” said one satisfied patient.

To get started, you can visit the Doctors of Cannabis website. Here you can book an appointment based on your state. After consulting with an MMJ doctor, it will be determined whether you are eligible for a medical card or not. You only pay if you are approved. After that, you will receive your card and can begin enjoying the benefits of medical marijuana.

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About Doctors of Cannabis: DOC was founded with the primary focus and purpose to provide quality, trustworthy and dependable clinical care for patients throughout the United States. We are a company of health industry professionals and board-certified physicians, with our primary focus being on the plethora of medical benefits associated with cannabis (medical marijuana) and its wide range of positive uses and results. Our physicians are dedicated to your wellbeing and will help determine if the medical benefits of cannabis are the right option or solution for you. Our board-certified doctors have helped tens of thousands of patients suffering from a wide range of bothersome health conditions. DOC understands the benefits of cannabis treatment and we are dedicated to educating and bringing wellness to all of our patients. We not only offer the highest-quality care but believe it’s equally as important to help our patients understand how to use medical cannabis safely and responsibly. Many come to us with limited knowledge about cannabis, or how to obtain a medical marijuana card. Our health-focused physicians and staff are here to assist you in every way we can and welcome you to become a part of our DOC family. From our humble beginnings in Oklahoma, DOC has expanded into other states. We now have access to hundreds of physicians throughout the United States to serve our patients throughout the country.

Contact Information:

Dr. Erick Kaufman
Doctors of Cannabis
1930 Northwest Ferris Avenue #10, Lawton, OK 73507


(405) 367-5638

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