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How to Listen to Free Music Online Without Downloading or Signing up

You can listen to free music online without downloading or signing up, you just have to know where to look. There are some providers that offer free music downloads and streaming services totally legally.

Keep reading to learn more about our top four favorite places to download and discover free music. 

1. Listen To Free Music Online Without Downloading Or Signing Up With SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a great place to download and discover free music. This website has a great tagging system that makes it easy to search for music by genre. Not all tracks are available here, but you will be shocked how many there are. 

Once you find a track that you like, check out the bottom for various sharing options. There’s an option to buy or download. If you select download, that track is free, and you will also start following the artist, which you can unfollow at any time.  

Here you can download tracks individually instead of the entire playlist. All downloads are in an MP3 format. 

Another platform that offers a similar service is Youtube, click here to learn how to download music from YouTube.


You are probably familiar with’s music streaming service which gives you tracks that you can download easily for free. 

You can find these free downloads behind a link at the bottom of the homepage. There you will see a whole range of songs from well-known artists to small indie bands. 

Sadly, there isn’t a way to sort or filter the downloadable tracks, so you need to spend a little time browsing through. All of the music is downloaded in the MP3 format. 

3. NoiseTrade 

All of the music here is free to download but you need to trade in your e-mail address, and zip code. This is used to send you newsletters help the artists on this platform know where their fans are. 

We like this website because it’s designed is easy to navigate. Its tagging system helps you find new music that is like some of your current favorite tracks. 

4. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music’s goal like other free music platforms is to connect fans to artists. This helps listeners find new tracks to jam to while giving artists a platform to reach new audiences. 

This platform has themed radio stations, which is the easiest way to find songs you will like. If you want to download the track that is playing, there’s a small download button you can click at the bottom of your browser window. 

You don’t need an account to use Jamendo to start listening and downloading music. But if you want to use the skip track feature, you will want to sign up. All the music on here is in the MP3 format. 

Download Free Music Today

Now that you know how to listen to free music online without downloading or signing up, try these websites today. Your new favorite artist is there waiting for you to discover their music. For more music resources, check out our blog! 

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