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Do You Know the Different Types of Commercial Window Tinting?

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You’re trying to type up a document at work but it’s a little difficult with the sun creating a glare on your computer. You cover the windows with curtains but after a few hours, your head starts to hurt from the lack of lighting. There seems to be no happy medium.
There would be if you put in tinted windows. Not only will they keep everything that goes on in your office private, but they also look good and get rid of that pesky glare.
If this sounds good to you, here is a complete guide on the different forms of commercial window tinting that you can use.

1. Insulating Tinting

Are you getting office power bills that make you want to scream? Ease a little of the stress on yourself with insulating tinting. It cuts back on the number of sun rays penetrating the building.
This will keep your office cool during the summer so your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard. It works sort of the opposite way during the winter to keep your office a little warmer.

2. Glare Reduction

It’s really hard to work when you’ve got the sun creating a glare on your computer. It can cause a huge strain on the eyes. That’s why any office can benefit from tinted windows with glare reduction.
You can get them in a variety of different glare-resistant levels and transmission percentages. You can choose to have only enough to keep some of the sunshine out, or all of it.

3. UV Blocking

While a little sun is a good thing, it can become a bad thing if too much UV radiation seeps into your office. For one, there are health dangers. Too much radiation can cause cancer and skin damage in general to your employees.
UV rays can also damage your furniture and other appliances over time by causing their colors to fade. UV blocking tinting can put a stopper in all of these things.

4. Privacy Tinting

What goes on in your office, stays in your office. This is why many businesses spring for privacy tinting. You have a lot of different options for this.
You could get frosted ones that block people from seeing in but don’t block the sun. If you don’t like the look of frost, textured glass pretty much serves the same function.
If you don’t want any light to get in whatsoever, then you can go for a full blackout with white or black glass depending on the look you’re going for.

5. Safety and Security

The privacy tinting helps with security. If thieves can’t see in then they can’t be enticed by anything in your building. You can add extra safety to the privacy tinting with security glass.
It’s thick enough to keep all the glass within the frame in the event someone breaks in. It’s also less likely someone will get stuck with little shards of glass. Depending on how thick you go, some versions can defend against gunshots and bomb blasts.

6. Decorative Tinting

You don’t have to get tinted windows for function alone. You can throw a little bit of creativity in with decorative tinting as well.
You can use it to display your company logo or catchphrase. You could also use it as a canvas to show a scene or image.

7. Anti-Graffiti

If your property is vandalized, it can cost you a pretty penny to put it back to the way it was. If your business is located in an area where these crimes are popular, you may want to invest in an anti-graffiti film.
It’s a clear, protective barrier that allows you to simply wipe paint clean off the window. It won’t seep onto the glass underneath.
It can also protect against scratching and etching. The criminal in question will carve up the barrier but their efforts will never reach the surface of your glass window.

8. One Way Mirror

Tinted glass can create a one-way mirror illusion. You’ll be able to peer out the window and see the scenery outside. To anyone looking in though, they will only see a mirror.
This is a glass that you’ll see a lot in police interrogation rooms. The suspect stands in the interrogation room while a group of other people stand on the other side and look in.

9. Dyed Films

Dyed films were pretty much the first ones in existence. They’re neat because you can have any color film that you want. You get to pick the dye.
They block the sun and they have a low reflective surface if you don’t like a lot of reflection. The only problem with them is that it is dyed. They aren’t as stable as their metal and ceramic counterparts.
The dye will discolor after a little while and so the film will lose any heat absorption capabilities that it had.

10. Metal Film

Metal film can be as dark and absorb as much heat as you want. It all depends on the density of the metal that you get. The darker it is, the more of the sun’s rays that it will be able to absorb and send away.
This type of film can last for years at a time and will pretty much never lose its heat absorption capabilities like dyed film.

Your Guide to Commercial Window Tinting

You want your office space to be as comfortable and safe for everyone as possible. One way to do this besides installing a security system is commercial window tinting.
When it comes time to pick out your tint, we hope you’re able to take this guide with you so you can get the best one for your business.
Are you ready to get your tinted windows installed? Contact us and tell us about your project.

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