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Did you know these 5 fun facts about your husky?

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Huskies have time and time again proven to be one of the best companions of humans. They are not just fun and exciting to be with, but they are also very friendly. With distinct wolf-like features and crystal blue eyes, these dogs can be the most adorable pets that you can ever have. However, maintaining a husky might be a tad bit difficult if you are not acquainted with their personality and overall requirements in general. Reading about some peculiar yet interesting facts about huskies can not only be helpful but also fun!

Huskies are known to be one of the friendliest breeds of dogs—and also love human interaction. There is quite a lot you need to know about them. So before anything else, it is generally advised that you should get your dog insured by a suitable health insurance that covers pre existing conditions for pet in order to give it a good life and sense of security. Not to mention that it would also save you from a sudden financial burden that could trouble your finances significantly if a problem occurs.

Huskies have a built-in winter coat

Are you worried about taking out your dog for a walk in the snow? You do need to think twice when it is a husky! They have double-layer fur on their body to protect them from the harshest winter. It is also because of their heavy coat that they love the playing in the snow.

The topmost coat of fur is waterproof and is made of thick fur that prevents the cold from entering its body. The second layer of coat traps the body heat and prevents it from escaping, thereby keeping the body warm. Their peculiar eyes shaped like an almond also prevent the reflection of sunlight on the snow from entering their eyes and affecting their vision.

Huskies love exercise

If you are planning to adopt a husky, you should be ready to take him out for some fun exercise at least once a day. These pets love physical activities like walking or swimming. Huskies also have very high stamina and can go on playing for hours. They are also capable of running huge distances.

Owing to these physical parameters, huskies can be great jogging partners. You can also increase their stamina gradually by including them in various activities over time. It is only through enough exercise or activities that your pet can remain happy and playful!

You should also remember not to overexert huskies because their thick coat of fur might often cause overheating in their bodies. Thus, the apt way is to make them exercise for some time followed by long periods of break, especially if you live in the plains.

Different colored eyes

Though dogs rarely have blue-tinged eye color, it is quite common amongst huskies. Huskies are known for their gifted heterochromia, a condition where their eyes show two types of colors. Thus, you might witness huskies having a blue eye color or a golden yellow eye color which might change from time to time or based on its breed.

Colorful body coats

When you think of huskies, you generally imagine a black and white coat. Though that is typical of most huskies which are known as the Siberian huskies, they can also have different colored coats. The colors may vary according to their breeds. Thus, you can have a husky with a red or a sable colored coat too! However, you have to take adequate care for maintaining and polishing the coat so that your pet looks well maintained and gorgeous!

Strong metabolism

Known as hunter dogs, huskies have a very strong metabolism. They can run up to several hours without food. Quite surprisingly, when huskies do this, neither their stored carbohydrates nor fats are utilized during this time. So, where do they derive the energy from? The reason for this is still yet to be discovered by science! However, remember to provide all the essential nutrients to your dog.

In conclusion

There’s a lot that you can read about huskies, starting from their origin to their evolution, their physical vitalities to their personality, all the facts are not just interesting and fun to read about, but they also prove why are huskies often called god-gifted creatures.

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