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Solid Digital Full Service Digital Agency Review

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Amidst the global health crisis, when every business is stuck operating with limited resources, digital marketing experts are continually finding answers to the question of how digital platforms can be converted as the primary source of conducting business.

In such scenarios, isn’t it essential to learn about a digital marketing agency in Chicago that can help you grow your business online!

Every digital business aspires to have the support of a creative team specializing in digital consulting, web development, and designs to gain sustainable digital growth for their business.

Uncertain times like these call for Trusted digital marketing agencies.

One such excellent digital marketing agency in Chicago is Solid Digital. Read on to learn more about why they’re fantastic and what services do they offer as a digital marketing agency.

With a team that focuses on innovation, relationships, and long term growth, Solid Digital is one digital marketing agency operating in Chicago and Portland that’s offering thriving marketing solutions on the web.

They’ve established themselves as a successful digital marketing agency with sheer creative craftsmanship, dependable services, honest guidance, and thoughtful collaborations.

Intrigued to know about the services they will serve you with! Let’s explore!

Solid Digital is all set to conquer every digital challenge they might face with their innovative digital marketing services and unique growth solutions.

Digital Strategic Planning

Researching the market, building strategies, and planning its execution are the first few steps that are essential to achieve the marketing objectives and create a strong foundation for its growth.

Solid Digital understands this. Hence, they sit with you either in-person or on call to understand what your business goals are and what you aim to achieve with your digital presence (is it brand awareness, increased sales, boosted revenues, or anything else).

The digital experts at the agency will put all things in place for you whether or not you have a digital strategy. They will act as excellent listeners, learners, and then become advisers for you and your business.

To realize an unmatched plan for your brand or business, the approach Solid Digital experts follow comprises of the following:

  • Brainstorming & Collaboration
  • Research & Discovery
  • Analyzing KPIs
  • UI/UX Research
  • Project Planning
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Performance Reporting

Digital Marketing

We all know how vast digital marketing services are, there are so many verticals to deal with, and it’s quite impossible to find experts of all the verticals at a single place. Solid Digital offers a 360-degree approach to reach out to the right audience and grow your brand online with its team of digital experts.

What Services do Solid Digital offer in the Digital Marketing niche? 

Solid Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency; you can expect each and every service under its niche. From Digital Strategy to SEO, Copywriting to Marketing Automation, Content Strategy to PPC, Graphic Design to Social Media Management, you can ask for any service. You’ll be served with it from the right expert at this digital agency.

Digital Growth

All the above-listed services are performed by any business to gain some value on digital platforms, which is referred to as Digital Growth. And Solid Digital knows how to measure it for you.

The team of digital growth experts helps you define a group of metrics measured at regular intervals to analyze the progress of the efforts. Once these metrics are finalized, an outline of an organized plan of attack with multiple steps is framed and executed to achieve the end result, i.e., sustainable digital growth.

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Web Design & Development

Delivering intuitive experiences is the need of the hour. Excellent design and tech is something that every other online user is searching for on the web. Hence Solid Digital ensures to deliver an engaging website experience for consumers of your brand/business.

The designers and developers at Solid Digital follow a highly collaborative and unique process for each of their clients. That’s why their web design solutions go beyond just selecting the right colors, imagery, or fonts for the website. Instead, they come up with an intuitive website that melds form and substance into a wholesome user experience.

Solid Digital is not an average agency; they can deliver what you dream of. They can effectively portray your website as an extended version of your brand and motivate the visitors to engage with the aesthetics of the designs.

A few features of Solid Digital’s web design are as follows:

  • Modern Workflow, Tools and Automation
  • Award-Winning Website & UI/UX Design
  • Smart Pre-SEO & Digital Marketing Planning
  • Smooth User Experience
  • On-Brand Messaging
  • Strategic Alignment

App Design & Development

In the past few years, mobile applications have recorded an exponential increase. With current situations around the world, people are going to rely more on functional mobile apps for most of their work and entertainment.

Solid Digital delivers a perfect blend between what apps must have; form and function. They build apps that have a definite purpose with a strong development team, which is further supported by an award-winning creative team that focuses on UI/UX.

The expert team believes that applications are not just built with high-quality code but should also be intuitive, beautiful, easy to navigate and represent the brand at the same time.

UI/UX Design

Solid Digital delivers user-focused design by understanding the brand, identifying the problems, and coming up with the most creative and data-driven ways to put them through.

User Interface and User experience are all about learning each and everything about the user. The design experts at Solid Digital focus on creating successful experiences by understanding what your target audience is and what they’re looking for on the web. Sympathizing with the user expectations and attaining that intellectual foresight to design strategies will help in bringing continual growth to the business.

You might think, how do Solid Digital plans to serve all the above-listed services impeccably?

Well, they possess agile and cross-functional teams that integrate to connect brands with customers and create engaging experiences. Such collaborations and innovations help the team to increase its clients’ digital value and deliver meaningful digital growth.

solid digital review

So, just in case you were thinking of how to make most of the digital opportunities during these difficult times, reach out to the outstanding team of digital marketers, strategists, and designers at Solid Digital. They would love to chat with you, learn about your business, and share unmatched solutions to let you grow online.

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