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accel-EQ Wins Contract with Buffalo Pacific To Push the Boundaries of Telemedicine

accel-EQ, a Tampa-based company focusing on automating medical documentation through AI and machine learning tools, wins commercial contract with Buffalo Pacific to streamline how the patient-provider interaction is documented allowing their medical providers to focus more on patient care instead of clinical documentation.


Tampa, FL, April 4, 2023 – accel-EQ is working with Buffalo Pacific to make their OmniAccess telemedicine platform even more valuable to medical practitioners through their innovative medical dictation software, intellicare. With this new partnership, physicians who leverage the OmniAccess telemedicine platform will have an easier time documenting their patient-provider interactions.

The intellicare software does not require any technical expertise and runs entirely in the background so medical providers can continue to operate in the same technologies they are accustomed to using. Their state-of-the-art speech recognition transcribes the patient-provider interaction, deposits notes, and medical codes directly into the patient’s electronic health record.

This smart technology isn’t just a simple transcription service, however. The software can also detect, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), medical data in the patient provider interaction. This can include diagnosis, conditions, medications and protected health information (PHI) and appropriately categorizes them for efficient clinical documentation. It is the best solution for medical professionals whether working in a private clinic or a large hospital. This is the clinical documentation improvement that the medical industry has hoped for and now finally has.

Buffalo Pacific’s patented telemedicine system OmniAccess is a proven telemedicine platform that allows your physicians to connect with patients through HIPAA-compliant video — from anywhere! It provides HD video and 3D presentation without special glasses or goggles. Also, very limited bandwidth is required to support the connection. Buffalo Pacific’s OmniAccess is a patented end-to-end video telemedicine technology and a platform that was developed to bridge the gap for the final three feet of global connectivity. They enable education, patient care and commerce by connecting people and allowing them to “be there from anywhere.” This proven, ready-to-go solution provides a secure, more personalized video-based engagement.

As their Co-Founder and CEO, Mr. Omar Fuentes states, “At accel-EQ, we’ve dedicated ourselves to challenging the norm and to design solutions that optimize delivery of care for medical professionals. Medical documentation is a crucial part of the process but can leave room for error and often consumes valuable time. That’s where we come in, to help automate your medical documentation. We’re proud to announce our partnership with such a pioneer in the healthcare industry and look forward to helping Buffalo Pacific make their OmniAccess telemedicine platform even more effective.”

Telemedicine has been around for several years and with increased digitization, one can expect this to become more of an essential service for healthcare professionals to offer. accel-EQ’s technology gives medical providers an easy way to bring this service into their practice while eliminating waste, promoting transparency, reducing cost, improving relationships, and empowering all those involved in the healthcare system.

Whether you are a medical professional or run a clinic or hospital, you can benefit from intellicare, an innovative medical dictation software for healthcare providers. To find out more about how this software can improve your clinical documentation and intelligence you can reach accel-EQ through their website or give them a call at 866.242.9006..

About accel-EQ: accel-EQ uses machine learning and AI technology to automate medical documentation. This helps medical professionals focus on the essentials of their work while we handle the administrative tasks. Their cutting-edge technology helps countless medical professionals in private clinics and in hospitals. If you’d like to use their services, you can contact them via their website. They look forward to serving you so you can serve your patients.

About Buffalo Pacific: Buffalo Pacific’s OmniPresence PaaS Model launched an industry-leading platform approach to healthcare, education and financial services with greater reach planned to scale into retail commerce and home integration of an “access portal.”  By utilizing our OmniPresence technology as the central hub, we are bringing together the three main “success factors” for every citizen through ensuring the “final three feet in global communication, connectivity, and commerce.”

Contact Info:

Contact Name: Co-Founder, CEO, Omar Fuentes

Business Name: accel-EQ

Address: 3802 Spectrum Blvd | Suite 203-9 Tampa, FL 33612

Phone: 866.242.9006


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