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Diamond Engagement Ring Redesign

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What is Diamond Engagement Redesign?

Diamond engagement ring redesign can be a few things:

  1. Getting Engaged and transforming heirloom pieces
  2. Already Married? An anniversary is a perfect time to update your style. Tastes and designs probably have changed since you first said “I do”
  3. The engagement ring you have just needs a small change You want a new center shape or a different stone altogether or the setting just doesn’t scream “DREAM!”.
  4. The diamond engagement ring he proposed with is sooo not your style. You said “I do” to him, but you say “I don’t” to the ring.

As Long Island’s expert when it comes to engagement ring redesign, I love to help clients achieve their dream engagement ring by transforming old or heirloom jewelry into a new piece they will love and want to show off to all their friends!

Getting Engaged : Makeover Heirlooms

Love is in their air as you begin a new chapter in life. You can make it more meaningful and much less expensive with my “Ultimate Jewelry Makeover” of sentimental heirloom pieces.

Emily and her fiance (who was in the army) were getting engaged. Emily inherited rings from her mother and grandmother that she wanted to see how she can use these rings to create a unique diamond engagement ring that she would love. Her fiance was away, so Emily took the initiative & booked a free consultation. After our zoom chat & meeting in person, I got her style right away.

This is the result: Matching Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

I worked with Jennifer to turn my mothers and grandmothers old rings into a new engagement ring and wedding band and it as so much fun. I am completely in love with my ring set. Jennifer saw my vision from the first time we spoke. She was responsive, patient and kind. Jennifer sent emails every step of the process. I smile every time i look at my ring.” -Emily

Already Married : Time for a Makeover!

I get it, I’ve been there too. You look at those old photos with your unflattering hair style and clothes and think, “I can’t believe I looked like that”. We are definitely not the same as we used to be which is AWESOME! Now that you are a bit older (forever 29, I know!) and a lot wiser, you get to transform your old diamond engagement ring into the woman you are now…

Whether it is to celebrate an anniversary like my client Barbara or you just feel it’s time to look at your diamond engagement ring and love it again.

Barbara and her husband wanted to update her engagement ring into a simpler design using her old diamonds. We talked about what she wanted and my expert jeweler made a hand carved wax to fit her princess cut diamonds. She was able to try it on and make sure it fit perfectly.

This is the results: Her not so busy Diamond Engagement Ring

“Personal, professional, highest quality. Wonderful experience updating vintage pieces as well as purchasing new treasures.” – Barbara

A few years later, Barbara contacted me to help create custom designed earrings from the left over baguette diamonds from her engagement mounting to wear for her daughter’s wedding. These are her new favorite earrings now!

A Small Change can make a Big Difference: Do a Mini Makeover!

Want to change the center stone? Maybe you want a different shape or a bigger size. Maybe you want a different center stone all together like a sapphire, ruby or Moissanite.

My client Nadia was tired at looking at her engagement ring the way it was and had an idea of what she wanted. She called around to jewelry stores, but they couldn’t do it for her.

She told me what she wanted to do & I said “Of course, that will be easy & it will be stunning!”

Nadia’s engagement ring didn’t have one stone for the center, it was a cluster. She wanted a nice big look and wanted to replace the cluster a cushion shaped Moissanite. Then she wanted to turn the cluster into a pendant to wear with a medallion she got from her mother.

Here are the results: Her big look Moissanite and diamond engagement ring AND pendant

“I absolutely loved working with Jennifer to update and redesign my wedding set. The whole process was seamless, from having a virtual consult to going through all the details of my vision. The final design came out exactly as I imagined it. She replaced a stone on my engagement ring and used the original diamond cluster to make a pendant. Now I have two pieces of jewelry that are perfect and sentimental. Ps… I’ve consulted with a few jewelers before and she was so personable, like meeting an old friend. Highly recommend!” -Nadia

He Proposed with an Engagement Ring that’s not your Style…

Ok, so he isn’t perfect and he doesn’t exactly have the best taste, but you love him anyway! That’s what true love is, am I right? How many of you ladies have to lay out clothes for your man so he doesn’t embarrass you in public?

That’s why when it comes to style and getting it right, you need to work with a professional. As a GIA diamond expert and jewelry designer, I love to help and educate men and women about diamonds and help create an engagement ring design you can’t stop staring at & that you will want to show off!

My client Amanda was proposed to with an engagement ring that really was not her style. You know what she did? She put it in the box and never wore it. Then when Amanda saw how amazing custom jewelry redesign can be, she contacted me and was so relieved.

She was so excited about her engagement, but so bummed about the ring. When I met Amanda, I can tell from her other jewelry that she was a nature lover. She told me she wanted something a little different and a little more dainty than what she had.

Here is the result: A floral inspired diamond engagement ring

“I wanted to turn my engagement ring into a more delicate, personalized and better fit size ring. I could not be more impressed and happier with the results! Jen was amazing to work with. She really cares about her products and customer and doesn’t stop until everything is perfect. You could not have a more competent professional to have your precious gems entrusted to. Excellent customer knowledge, service and friendliness. Top notch and I highly recommend.”

The diamond engagement ring is such an important and special symbol of your love story. That is why it is so important that your engagement ring fits you and your style as perfectly as you two fit each other. You will be wearing this ring for a long time, so you deserve a diamond engagement ring that you will love for a lifetime.

With diamond engagement ring redesign, this is your chance to transform this special ring any way you want! Whether it is from heirloom pieces, your old engagement ring, a small tweak, or a complete overhaul, I’ve got you covered!

If you have any questions or need any help, I would love to chat with you!

If you would like more Inspiration Ideas, Click the Button Below to get my Free Jewelry Redesign Inspiration Kit:

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