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How To Choose The Best Custom T-Shirt Printing Company

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The custom t-shirt printing market is valued at over 3.64 billion. Custom printed t-shirts are everywhere. But not all custom t-shirts are created equally.

Custom printed t-shirts offer many benefits. You can make your own shirts to promote your brand, for a trip, or gifts. However, poor-quality custom printed t-shirts can do more harm than good and will likely end up being thrown out.

So, how can you find the best custom t-shirt printing company to create quality custom t-shirts? Read on to learn the factors to consider.

Know Your Criteria

Before you start researching companies, you need to set your criteria. It will help narrow down your choices to find the best custom t-shirt printing for your needs.

How many custom t-shirts do you need? Some companies have a minimum order quota or only take bulk orders, and some may not be able to complete large orders.

Also, consider what type of t-shirt printing you want; direct to garment, embroidered, or a screen printing company. Once you determine these factors, you can narrow your search down to a wholesale screen printing company or a t-shirt printing company with low minimum orders.

Options for Custom T-Shirts

You want to find a company that offers the customizable options you need to get your ideal custom t-shirts. For example, some companies will only offer a limited amount of design options, which might be limiting if you have a specific design in mind. There are also print size limits to consider.

Other companies may offer customizable design options but check their printing style and graphic capabilities. Ask if they can alter fonts, sizes, alignments, and colors accordingly. You want to make sure your design comes out in hi-resolution.

Check the printing company can also print on both sides of the custom t-shirts if this is something you need. Also, check the quality of t-shirts or if you can provide your own. Ask about the materials they use and if they add any extra details, such as an inside tag label.

Custom T-Shirt Printing Experience

Printmaking is an art that takes time to master. If you want quality custom printed t-shirts, ask how long the company has been in business or staff experience with printing. It can suggest how much expertise they have to complete the designs.

Some companies may outsource their custom t-shirt printing. Ask about their in-house team and how they create their designs.

It can be a good sign if they offer other printing options too, such as on hats. Some companies offer services such as embroidery too. If they also offer different services, it can indicate a good level of experience in the field.

Customer Service

Look for a custom printing company that offers one-to-one customer service and has readily available contact details. You want to be able to contact them if there is a problem and know they will also respond accordingly.

Another indication of good customer service is if they provide helpful advice online or over the phone. They should be able to provide design advice but also listen to your ideas and find a way to make them happen. Do not accept a company that pushes a pre-determined design that is not aligned with your ideas.

If a company seems indifferent to your needs or does not respond promptly to your questions, it is time to look elsewhere. The best custom t-shirt printing company should be there every step of the way.

Their Reputation

A company may look like the best custom t-shirt printing option on paper, but does their reputation back it up? Check customer testimonials and the company’s portfolio. It is ideal to find reviews from customers who have similar needs and design requests as you.

Be sure to check independent reviews too. It is not just the design quality you want to check, but their customer service experience too.


Is the location of the t-shirt printing company important to you? Some people want to visit the custom printing studio in person to follow the design process. If so, search your location, such as ‘screen printer Los Angeles’ or ‘screen print near me’.

Other people are happy with completing their entire order online. Either way, it is important to pick a reputable company that can deliver.

Online Functionality

If you are using an online service to make your own shirts, you want a design platform that is easy to use. If the platform is difficult to navigate or does not have the right settings to customize your shirts, it could be a sign to try elsewhere.

The checkout and payment process should also be customizable. If you cannot pick a deadline or there are limited payment options, it might not work for your needs.

T-Shirt Printing Costs

Check what offers the company has for bulk orders or package deals. The prices should also be transparent. Or there should be clear guidelines as to how costs for items are worked out and if there are any liability fees.

A cheap company does not necessarily mean a bargain. It could also mean it is of poor quality. Find a printing company that fits your budget other needs and also has a good reputation.

Delivery Time

Can the company work to your deadline? A crucial factor in picking a custom t-shirt company is if they can work to your timeline. Companies may have a minimum time period to complete certain printing styles or designs.

If you are on an extremely tight timeline, it is best to find a company that needs you. Search ‘screen print near me’ and find a company with a good reputation.

The Best Custom T-Shirt Printing Company

Taking the time to consider your custom t-shirt printing needs will ensure you find the right company the first time. The last thing you want is to start over if the design is not right or the quality of the t-shirts is poor.

If you are looking for the best custom t-shirt printing company, look no further. We have over 35 years of combined experience and use the latest technology to produce custom t-shirts and other products such as custom hats embroidered. Contact us today to get started.

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